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Star Citizen News – Black Market Economy & 3.5.1 Next Week!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News… Looking at Roadmap Updates, 3.5.1 Origin Celebration / New Customization details, The Black Market in 3.6, Work of the Esperia Prowler and a quick summary of the Official Star Citizen Videos for the week ending the 2nd of June.

Origin of Love Newsletter

As Alpha 3.5.1 prepares to go live, we prepare to fly to new heights as Origin Jumpworks launches the 2949 300 series, alongside manufacturer-level ship customization and complimentary test-flights as part of its celebration event next week.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate in opulence as the Origin Celebration takes off next week, featuring the new and improved 300 series, ship customization, and complimentary test-flights. We should see 3.5.1 LIVE at the same time.

The Ship Customization we are getting allows for when ships more specifically the 300 series at this stage are bought that they can be customized with paint jobs, items and weapon packages as well as internal aesthetic customizations, chair changes, steering wheels, flair items as well as items that will eventually have function like drinks and food makers. Any customizations now done to ships, so even if you buy weapons in game and fit them will persist with the ship if you reclaim it WHICH IS A MAJOR IMPROVEMENT.

The Weekly Sneak Peek is of an Origin Racing Suit which I assume will also be available during the Origin Celebration.

Full Links for the Newsletter and all mentioned content in the description below.

PU Roadmap

With Alpha 3.6 Transit System Hover Mode, The P52 merlin rework, 890 Jump, the weapons of 3.6 have all seen major progress.

Asynchronous Disconnection Refactor is completed which is fantastic.

Work has started on the Shield Systems Tech Replacement too.

Work has started on the New Babbage Landing Zone for 3.8 And for 3.9 the Orison Landing Zone has started work, as well as having around 40% of it’s tasks completed already.

Wit the Squadron 42 Roadmap

Shbin Miner suit is complete. The Gunner Outfit, Basilisk Armor & Player Free Look have had additional tasks added.

Standard Pilot AI, Hover Mode & Vehicle Scanning have all made great progress.

In fact AI across the board with Squadron 42 has seen a lot of tasks completed, which is good news for Star Citizen’s PU as well.

Inside Star Citizen – Black Market

Black Market Economy – In 3.6 the Black Market has 2 separate groups of items it focuses on. Illicit goods, so drugs and what would be commonly always illegal items. There are also stolen goods which may be legal have been acquired illegally. Stolen goods may be able to be sold to specific people in an area, where if the law of the area has outlawed an item entirely (illicit good) you typically wouldn’t be able to see it in that area at all.

You should be able to then sell stolen, outlaw mission or looted items to certain shopkeepers, maybe for a bit less money than if you had owned the item.

Illicit Goods are just illegal in the area you are trying to sell them (this will change form what area of space, planet or station you are on), but it’s drugs like Widow, Slam and more…

Possessing these good may get you in trouble if you get scanned, though there will be high potential profits. There will be consequences from being caught with these items.

Esperia Prowler

They have just done a white box review of the Prowler, this is the 1 major stage in the 4 step pipeline of getting the ship flyable.

There is a rear ramp, loads of doors so the crew can quickly enter and exit as it’s a drop ship.

It can carry 22 crew, the pilot and copilot are stacked on top of each other, so 1 on each of the decks.

The pilot has a massive unrestricted view

The wings of the ship fold down for VTOL and landing as well as giving cover to the marines leaving the ship.

Star Citizen Live: Making Ship Up

They have some “external” artists still for concepts, they have internal artists for this purpose too, they use different artists for different stages and have good relations with some external ones.

Older Concept ships didn’t have the same detail metrics used when planning them, which is why you see these older ships (typically) grow in size as they weren’t planned out with the internals in full at the concept phase and need to expand to accommodate features.

When choosing ships that go into production for plans to get them flight ready they consider, what is needed for SQ42, they want to get at least some new ships into each quarterly PU patch, so they balance short and long term needs.

They actively try to fill holes in gameplay with new ships & when a new feature is coming online they may try to add or prioritize a ship.

They build ships out as modular as possible or at least HAVE IN MIND that they may need to change or add things in the future.

There were some serious metrics issues with the original design of the Vanguard Warden, it has a large amount of components for redundancy and it needed to have these items somewhere it’s one of the reasons it was reworked.

As they build out ships IF they don’t have room for all the features, components and facilities then it will have to get made larger or reworked somewhat.

The M50 is still on the old non-UV2 system for damage, where it has actually been modeled 4 times for different damage states in each area, obviously this isn’t very efficient.

There are ongoing improvements and QoL bits that are constantly worked on BUT don’t appear on the roadmap.

Some turret placements are suboptimal for various reasons, the older concepts were less reasoned in where turrets went, they kind of put them where they looked cool, some are placed for manufacturer brand OR balance reasons BUT in general now they are much more thought out. In an ideal world they would be able to tweak and fix turret placements.

Combat Snub Craft are more for deterrence and defence rather than offensive ships.

When designing ships with a focus they try to work out what the community might want to do with it and how they might take it out of it’s focus for reasons… but the community heavily influence the design of ships with feedback and current gameplay.

They feel they have a good ships pipeline tools wise BUT they always want it faster and more optimized.

The Hammerhead was able to be built out quickly as it used a lot of the Idris assets, textures etc…

64 SCU boxes are there biggest they are currently planning.

Some older ships might have a bed and no toilet, they might look at ships as currently when they build ships that have a bed they should now have a toilet too.

Doors and Manned Turrets will be entry points as well as probably large windows and elevators and ramps.

The Ship Matrix and data at the moment is manual, they want it to be automated and pull the info from gamefiles BUT there are systems and items still not ready for this yet.

They tend to update ships and the data there in batches manually at this stage.

They can be working on ships upto 18 months before even backers know about them.

June Giveaway

Every month we have a ship giveaway, for June we have an Origin 890 Jump, the massive luxury Ship that should also be flyable with 3.6 at the end of the month.

It’s been donated by ODYSSEY INTERSTELLAR a Friendly industrial expansionist  Organization in Star Citizen that focus on mining, trading, industry, exploration, research and infrastructure. In short, commerce is their goal. They run regular weekly events in game now, please check them out if you are looking for an Org in the links below.

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