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Star Citizen June 2019 | Origin Rover Leak, 3.5.1 Update & Alpha 3.6

Welcome to some more Star Citizen today I wanted to talk about some potential Origin Leaks and the celebration event we are getting but also a Channel Update, we have an Origin 890 Jump to giveaway for June & More!

Potentially there is quite a lot of stuff happening this month. 3.5.1, 3.6, New Ship Sales And there have been leaks and rumors about some of the things we may see in the Origin Celebration Event this week.

Recently One of the super expensive Concierge Packs shows the Origin Rover listed as an item. It didn’t have any pictures hooked up with it and a few hours ago got some origin logos there, in fact it has placeholder text in for it’s usage too.

This Rover is supposed to come with the 600i Explorer but it should be available separately in game. I am very much expecting it to be unveiled at the Origin Sale whether in concept OR straight to driveable.

Flare & Items – We saw an Origin Racing Suit in the latest Newsletter. This is what I would expect to be one of maybe a few new flair & clothing items available during the sale. Maybe different flight suits with varying colors, helmets that sort of thing but for each of the 300 ship variants, the Racing suit being for the 350r for example.

From the updated Origin Lore post they mentioned a couple of things

A Secret Project the “GoldFinch” & The Origin 200 Series, now beyond that at this stage we know nothing more, we could see some more info at the Origin Celebration OR even a sale for them if they are something they want in the game. With the 200 series it doesn’t necessarily have to be a size between the 100 and 300, it could be an entirely different range OR size & from any age in lore.

The GoldFinch is anyone’s guess but looking at a real life Goldfinch the bird, I would expect something small and racey maybe.


The 3.5.1 Patch is currently in it’s Evocati Phase (I am surprised it’s not in wider PTU yet maybe it will go straight to LIVE) but looks to be going live with the Celebration this week most likely. We know it’s got persistent loadouts now even between re-claiming ships & should be addressing many of 3.5s issues.

We also know there is a new website based 300 Series Ship Customization System, allowing for ships to be pre-customized at purchase, this will be fully in game at some point too BUT what we have seen so far of the system it appears that you will be able to change the interior and exterior of your ship some changes are free, some will cost microtransaction levels BUT you can also change weapon & system bundles though this seems less relevant now that loadouts persist… just buy the specific weapons you want in game with in game currency and fit them to your ship!

Along with the Celebration & 3.5.1 are all of the 300 Variants that will be reworked, flyable and customizable so that’s the 300i, 315p, 325a & 350r. More ships will get this form of customization later AND owners of these ships will be able to customizing without rebuying if they so wish. The ability to change ship interior and exterior colors are the only thing that I am really interested in doing myself at this stage I think BUT we will know more once we have the system in our hands.

I very much suspect that All Origin Ships will be on Sale again, with a limited amount of Warbond 890 Jumps as well as potentially the Origin Rover, 200 Series, “Goldfinch” maybe some other ones too.

Also randomly on consideration with the Tumbril Ranger bike, I actually think it might be able to fit in the 300’s Cargo bay, if it can that would be awesome, the Ranger is still on Concept sale until the 10th of June.

May’s Giveaway winner was Zeddicus Zorander Congratulations you have won a Drake Corsair.

For June the Channel is Giving away an Origin 890 Jump this is a mega luxury party capital ship almost 200m in size and hopefully will make it in to the 3.6 Alpha planned for the end of June.

It has been kindly donated odyssey interstellar who are a hilarious good fun and active Org, more details on them and the Origin 890 Giveaway at the end of the video!

The Last thing I have to do for the SC Podcast I have planned is decide what day & time to do it & invite the guests.

As I said earlier 3.6 should be live by the end of June, though I am not sure if anything is out of whack because of a really late 3.5.1 Patch BUT if their schedule is to be kept then 3.6 should go to Evocati pretty soon after 3.5.1 goes LIVE.

Some highlights of the 3.6 Patch being the Law / BlackMarket System, Rentable Ships, a range of AI, Server & Flight Model improvements, New Weapons and Shield Tech, weapon attachments, the 890 Jump, Banu Defender and Vanguard Rework and much more.

Expect a Flyable Ship Sale for the release as well.

Health wise I am doing pretty well! I have got rid of all the delicious pastas and rice that I normally would eat and have replaced them with whole wheat noodles, quinoa and buckwheat… and it’s not that bad! I’m losing weight, going for a half hour run a day.

I am still anxious about loads of random things BUT been managing really well over the last couple of weeks.

I’m trying to improve the Patreon, Subscribe Star & Youtube Join Button Members rewards, so I am listing my top contributors as Producers for my videos & will be getting everyone that’s gone the extra mile involved in the topics and questions in my Podcast, if you have any feedback on those please don’t hesitate to contact me, the channel is massively community supported.

It’s also my intention to hire someone (zinya) full time to work with me on the channel and SC content so I’ll be discussing and finalizing that hopefully later this month too. The plan with that is she’d focus on Editing BUT would help me get footage in game, make videos, stream regularly, it should mark an huge improvement in the quality and quantity of content on the channel but also more gameplay focused content in addition to what we have already.
But What do you think?, do you think we will see new ships / vehicles or concepts during the Origin Celebration, are you excited for the 3.5.1 or 3.6 Updates? Do you think 3.6 might get delayed?