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Star Citizen 3.5.1d PTU Patch Notes – Potential Release Candidate?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, with a look at PTU Patch 3.5.1d it’s patch notes and suitability as a release candidate.

The Patches Testing Focus is still Ship customization, the 300 series & Despawning Ships

Feature Updates

  • Further increased performance and lowered hull health to the 350r to better suit a racing variant.
  • Slightly increased retro thrust on the 300 series.
  • Players should now be able to add other players to their groups.
  • Fixed a CPU spike/stall around Lorville.
  • AI pilots should now properly react to players.
  • Fixed 2 server crashes.

The Known Issues have been massively cut down to 3 listed ones:

  • NPC assist beacons no longer function correctly if the server has been up for awhile.
  • Bed logout doesn’t work on planetary surfaces and may be inconsistent elsewhere.
  • AI and player ships may appear jittery.

The 3.5.1d patch has really powered through the known issues and various bug fixes as you might expect if they are trying to have a LIVE build for this weekend.

Typically as I understand it, when a patch is almost ready they have a go-no-go meeting every day to see if the build is ready to be put out that day.

The Servers are significantly more stable.

I think the at least in the short term making the 350r hull lighter effectively is a good idea, it makes it more of it’s own hull, suitable for racing BUT not just objectively better at all roles.

Maybe once we have armor as a component and physicallized components they can have this more appropriately represented / balanced for the 350r.

The major issues for them to tackle now if possible seems to be that Fixed weapons are still appearing to be firing off center sometimes (though it’s much better than it’s previously been) & the Ship Jitter which will have ships kinda vibrating and making combat sub optimal, hopefully they can get a fix in ASAP for that even if it’s a bodge. I think the expectation is that the ship jitter and general AI requires some more work with more AI tech & server optimizations coming in the future some of this with 3.6.

The 3.5.1 Patch looks to be a marked improvement on 3.5s branch BUT there is still a way to go even with the most basic core mechanics and features for the PU. This is potentially a live candidate as is, though as I said earlier I am hoping then can fix ship jitter and offset fire from fixed weapons.

IF you are playing in the 3.5.1 PTU I’d love to hear your experiences and do you think we will see 3.5.1 LIVE for the weekend?