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Star Citizen News | Ship Purchase Kiosk & 3.6 Delays

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News highlighting what CIG work and Star Citizen new bits and pieces there have been over the last week.

Lots of Alpha 3.6 Roadmap Changes, the Origin Celebration is closing out, SSOCS & Full Persistence could herald the end of Server Resets & some updates to the Crytek v CIG Lawsuit.


This week we’re excited to bring you the premiere of our latest series – Pillar Talk. Each quarter, we’ll sit down with the key devs from our global studios to discuss which features are hitting the upcoming patch.

Roadmap Update Alpha 3.6 PU

There are some major features delayed in Alpha 3.6, Character Customization v2, The Banu Defender & the AI Cover Useage v1 have been moved to 3.7.0.

There is also going to be a 3.6.x patch after 3.6s initial release that includes the 890 Jump and Ship Rentals.

There has not been any delays mentioned in regard to the LIVE release DATE of Alpha 3.6 so I am expecting an evocati phase to start between the 17 – 21st of June AND either the 3.6 LIVE or PTU for everyone for the end of the month.

There is a new feature listed & completed for 3.6, Ship Purchasing Kiosks which will apparently allow us to purchase a large range of ships in 3.6.

This week’s Sneak Peek in the newsletter was in fact of the new ship purchase kiosk.

The Misfire System, Ship Degradation Improvements, Transit System v2 & Hover Mode are complete.

The Law System v1 has had a load of work done, the Black Market and Weapon Attachments Features have had tasks added.

It was also announced that in Alpha 3.6 the Valkyrie would get a basic cargo grid, allowing it to take some cargo, something that a lot of the community had requested for a long time.

Also the Valkyrie is on sale to subs until the 17th, if you are quick you can pick one up BUT I am expecting them to be available in game in the 3.6 branch!

The Origin Celebration is on until the 20th of June, at the moment that means some exclusive paint’s available in the Ship Customizer for the 300 series.

And the m50, 600i explorer & touring, full 300 series and Origin Ship packages are available to purchase in the RSI store.

Inside SC

The Vanguard has been made more aggressive looking with glowing intakes and updated with some newer materials. Both the Body and Ramp have been made wider and unified through the Vanguard series.

Space Stations will be various and interesting in SC and they have a load of procedurally generated exteriors now that we will see in Alpha 3.6 BUT even better in 3.7 where they will also work more on the interior generation as well. These stations will be massively important for the gameplay area, missions, servicing etc…

Bar Tenders have been getting a range of additions, allowing them to operate in modularly built bars, create cocktails, serve drinks and interact with players and NPCs.

SC Live showed off some wearable helmets and the process of getting them into game.

We are going to be seeing some cool items for RSI Subscribers in the future.

SC Pillar Talk

They also talked more about Server Improvements this week.

SSOCS is tied to Full or True Persistence so they should be coming at the same time.

Once they have this, they will be looking at potentially not resetting progression every quarter and we will have a lot of progression gameplay because of that.

Then they will move onto Server Meshing.

There was some drama in the Crytek v Star Citizen case as well.

With CIG pushing for a $2.2 million bond from Crytek now (to prove they can pay CIGs legal fees) They have restated a very strong position of they are able to defend all of Crytek’s claims and poked a lot of holes in Crytek’s New lawyers (as they recently replaced Skadden) Opening Statements going on to say:

“Crytek is trying to have it’s cake & eat it too” as well pointing out that Crytek attempting to say it’s not a money driven lawsuit… even though most of the original remedies requested were financial in nature. From my layperson point of view it looks like CIG are likely to get the bond motion granted.

CIG had paid around $400k in legal costs by the end of March 2019 so far for the case & I assume both parties would be looking to settle this sooner rather than later. Though a Trial is listed to take place 24th March 2020 if they don’t come to an arrangement.

And that’s it for this week’s news highlights, I’ll be taking a much more focused look at what we are getting in the 3.6 branch in a video next week.