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How Many Ships & Vehicles are Planned for Star Citizen?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen FAQ today answering questions about how many ships & vehicles are in game and how many are left to be completed as of the end of June 2019 pre-3.6 LIVE.

There are currently around 153 known announced ships & vehicles in star citizen.

Not all of these will be flyable by players necessarily & there are more rumored and planned.

There are 89 Ships & Vehicles currently available to use in game.

I say around because there are a few outliers and about 8 of these ships / vehicles are just skin variants tho… but are listed as separate entries on the ship matrix

Of those “Flyable” number 11 are ground vehicles or hover bikes.

The total announced amount of ground vehicles including concepts (and the titan suit) is 20.

So that 133 Ships and 20 Vehicles.

There are 24 more ships currently (listed for completion by not necessarily in game tho over the next 3Q) on the PU & Squadron roadmap, tho 5 of those are Vanduul ships that potentially won’t be usable by players.

Another 40 ships & vehicles are in concept or not on the Roadmap including a couple of outliers the Bengal Mega Carrier, Redemption Super Dreadnought and Pegasus Escort Carrier (which again may not be useable by players at least not straight away).

That is 89 Ships & vehicles that are currently in game and 64 that are not.

There are many more mentioned ships as well that I have not included in my numbers, the Goldfinch, the 200 series and various others that are just rumored or mentioned at the moment.

There are also plans to continue to do concept sales as well as moving towards straight to flyable / drivable ships and vehicles that do not appear on the Roadmap and are as of yet unannounced.

Some of the planned ships that are announced also may have variants.

All of these variables will vastly expand the ships & vehicle numbers.

In 2018 19 new ships were made flyable and 10 more were reworked/revised.

We won’t see as much in the form of rework of ships going forward (although they will still happen with some, the Redeemer for example is getting a full reconcepting), HOWEVER ships will often receive light updates with lighting, materials, ocasional modelling work, balance & more.

They are able to actually get quite a lot of new ships & vehicles in game each each, so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer, I would expect most of the announced ships would be available in game within the next 2 years.

Some of these will be coming in with their associated “new” gameplay mechanics BUT some like the Reclaimer are added and then will be made ready for their mechanic like Salvaging once it’s ready.

There are a lot of holes gameplay wise that it’s likely that some other ships & vehicles will be designed to fill.

Ships that appear on the Roadmap may be delayed or push around to other patches, that’s just the nature of SC’s Development.

Also to give you an idea of how that number might expand out,
Including Variants there were 11 new Concepts in 2018 (That’s excluding the Valkyrie and Arrow).