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Star Citizen 3.6 Todd Pappy Interview

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, there was an interview on Star Citizen LIVE with Todd Pappy & they talked about things that would be in Alpha 3.6 how they work and some more bits for future updates. This video is a summary of that info.

The Law Systems 

There are overarching System wide Laws for things like Killing a Player.

But each area has Local Laws – with Misdemeanors that will have you paying Fines or illegal goods.

You’ll have to pay fines off at kiosks local to the zone you are in.

There are some new bits for hacking with comm arrays and other areas.

You’ll be able to hack your crime-rating down.

If you attack a target breaking a certain damage threshold then the other player can engage and kill you without getting a criminal rating.

Junkyards – in 3.6 will allow you sell stolen goods and items, in the future you can sell whole ships there. There are various Junkyards around Stanton, in the short term the transactions will be dealt with via kiosk.

We are still having some Green (Armistice) Zones in 3.6 BUT they are moving towards phasing them out, GrimHex is likely the first place to see this change.

They want security, defence and local laws to be able to deal with troublemakers around Stations.

Pad Ramming is deterred in the new law system with fines, in the future it will deal with them by having turrets target them

Smaller Crimes are typically fines.

Security and Bounty Hunters may come kill you for larger crimes.

Can you sell Cargo on Ships that you have stolen?

You can sell stolen cargo for a ship you own for sure… BUT Todd is not sure if it’s a stolen ship with stolen cargo.

They will be working out deeper law systems.

There is new hacking gameplay and missions in 3.6

Hacking Ships?

You can turn off & hack comm arrays.

There are features that they are working on for 3.7 that not on the Roadmap.

They have been working out ways to gather and cluster gameplay around Planets so you don’t have to travel around to other planets if you don’t want to.

Todd Mentioned Nyx and Pyro as systems – which leads me to believe I might be correct with my theory of systems. That they will make the Pyro and or Magnus system next an then Nyx and work their way toward Odin (The system we have seen in Squadron 42)

They are trying to solve stuttering and deadlocks before 3.6 goes to wider PTU.

Stations in Alpha 3.6 will have a little more internal variations to the interiors BUT for 3.7 and 3.8 they are trying to build out utilitary areas, habs, engineering areas and areas for gravity generators and components.

Port Olisar is still there in 3.6. They are building out larger stations & cargo depots with …

Compasses, navigation tools, coordinates and sharing them are all up in the air at the moment. There are a lot of considerations as they’ll need to have locations saved to Object Containers.

They want you to be able to sell location data though.

Scanning is being worked on currently and will be completed before moving onto anything like that.

Harvestable Entities are connected to mining at the moment BUT it will also be used for plants, loot, weapons, basically items within object containers.

It will be used to spawn items for a mission in a derelict for example it’s basically kind of a loot system. 

They are improving the VOIP & Group experience with Hailing Ships, Ship Channels, MobiGlas & Invite QoL Improvements, a working Global Proximity Channel.

They are constantly iterating on commodity prices.

In the future the economy will help simulate price changes and generate some missions based on this.

Ship prices will change in the future BUT expect them to iterate on them even in the 3.6 PTU and LIVE branch.

In the future the game will value ships based on their raw components and materials as well as time to build.

3.6 will see optics for weapon attachments, you’ll be able change the sights and scopes.

You’ll be able to buy these in some shops.

In the future there will be 3 more types of customization

Barrel, Under barrel & Magazine

NPCs will respond to distress service beacons BUT not for 3.6

They have cleaned up the assets and streamlined jumping and falling with smoother transitions.

They build style guides and info out for each manufacturer for ships, items and weapons and then detail out any given item. They want weapons to feel unique but also like they are part of their given brand. They have these huge lists and plans for ships and weapons or matricxes as they call them.

Ship Rentals are not for the 3.6’s initial release.

The system will allow you to effectively buy a ship for X amount of days 1, 3 or 7 days or maybe there might be a range of choices, they are working exactly what they want for the first iteration though BUT in the short term they will act like ships you own, including being reclaimable UNTIL the timer runs out.

Eventually this system will evolve, you’ll have to return the ship for example.

There is behind the scenes work towards SSOCS BUT it’s not in 3.6.

The late 3.5.1 had some knock on effects ot 3.6, they don’t want to be releasing patches late where possible.