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Star Citizen News – Alpha 3.6.0 PTU Unstable – Wave 2 Soon!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, looking at a weekly summary of this week’s star citizen news and highlights covering the monthly reports, Roadmap Updates, 3.6s Progress in PTU and Star Citizen LIVE which looked at ships like the 890 and Vanguards & answered a lot of questions.

Let’s Start with this week’s Newsletter Fluff: 

Many backers will soon dip their toes into Alpha 3.6 as the latest patch hits the PTU! The Evocati and Wave 1 testers are working wonders as usual, but there’s still testing to be done. Get ready to fire up the Issue Council and make your mark on Star Citizen history once Wave 2 comes out shortly.

Also this week: find out what went down in June, take a tour of a thriving-yet-mysterious Banu system, subscribers sample the Warden, and catch up with Jared and the crew in this week’s Britain-based Star Citizen Live.

This week’s Sneak Peek was of what appears to be a UEE Advocate (police) desk with badge, gun and tools needed for research (coffee and files) – You can find the newsletter and everything mentioned in more detail linked below.


Roadmap Update

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 is in PTU Wave 1 still, so that’s Evocati, Concierge and RSI Subscribers. The latest patch is 3.6.0m which is pretty unstable unfortunately, crashing quite often. Once that is fixed I suspect that it will roll open to wave 2 and potentially an Open PTU within the next 2 weeks. The final 4 Features of 3.6.0 are getting finished off and polished as we speak. There is going to be a Series of Promotions for the Launch for Alpha 3.6.

There is a 3.6.x patch coming out a little later that will contain the 890 Jump and Ship Rentals in the PU and I suppose potentially some other bits, like QoL fixes, balance and anything else that’s ready.

There is some movement on tasks on the Roadmap beyond 3.6;

Alpha 3.7 has seen Rest Stop Interior Variants the new rooms and locations in Space Stations get a lot of progress.

The AI Systems for the Bar Tender / Vendors, the Vanguard Variants Sential & Harbinger as well as the weapons for 3.7 the frag pistol, New Laser Cannon and Animus Missile Launcher have all had significant progress made.

The Banu Defender has also made a tiny amount of advancement BUT the ship and pipeline for the Banu seems to be slow and tricky for CIG currently.

For 3.8 the 1st Iteration of New Babbage has made big progress but the Carrack has had new tasks added.

With 3.9 and moving into Q1 2020 the Orison Landing Zone is now 50% complete by task, further suggesting to me it’s something we might see at CitizenCon 2019.

Star Citizen Live

Weapon Ranges are going to be extended out for larger weapons in the future, but expect more balance tweaks, dogfighting wise the range of weapons is upto 2km ish currently.

You will be able to fire from space on the surface of a planet, though with I expect limited accuracy.

Ship Component Access is different for each ship hull, some have internal access, others external only, some a mix of both.

They will be readding the Low Res Hologram Landing HUD and they are potentially trying to make it so that it works on landing pads BUT also on any surface you decide to land on, even planet side… which means the system needs to detect the shape of the terrain.

The Flight Model still requires work and iteration & HoverMode/VTOL will see some more work, they may be adding a toggle for VTOL mode as well.

Some ships will have rotating engines that point down for VTOL, but that will be case by case, for example the Freelancer after it’s most recent rework isn’t suitable for it.

They is going to be a physicalized damage system along with physicallzed component, they will take into account armor that literally mitigates damage and is different from straight health, armor will also wear done like any other component.

There are still some form of DOT weapons.

As expected snubs are unlikely to get QD options.

They are making improvements to the Ship Customizer Systems.

There will be changes to the nose guns in 3.7 & there will be options for the Vanguards Nose Guns, the nose guns are special mounts so it won’t be compatible with all s2 weapons for example. 

The Central Module of the Vanguards can be switched between the variants in the future, the BUKs that they previously sold are now confirmed as a collection of items that you can modularly switch across the different Vanguard Variants, this now includes the Hoplite. The Turret will also be swappable between them & it will at somepoint be retractable as well.

Modular central rooms may need special facilities to change over, which will be available at some landing zones / stations.

The 890 Jump is now confirmed at 210m, and short term will be able to land at Lorville & Area 18. The Hangar of the 890 can hold 2 85x shuttles. Water in ships pools will be sucked out if the ship is getting damaged.

There was no Inside Star Citizen this week they are taking a break until the end of July.

There was a SQ42 and PU Monthly Report though, some of the highlights

They are doing a major renderer rework that should improve graphics and performance further. They completed the initial test runs of server-side object container streaming.

They are picking up speed with AI work for Social, FPS & Ship AI which are integral for the game. Alpha  3.6 actually will be seeing some of these improvements, BUT 3.7 should also see some of these improvements come together. They have been working on a Vertical Slice of Squadron 42, this may just be for internal use though.

In some Other News  It was announced that there was some Cloud Imperium Board Member Changes. Marc Nitsche replaces Dan Offner in I believe representing the Calder’s family $46 Investment, he has a  juris doctor degree in law and a master of law degree in taxation, he appears to be a successful investment fund manager. Also Sandi Gardiner one of the Founders of Cloud Imperium & Chris Roberts Wife has also joined as a board member. Chris Roberts still retains full control so currently this all doesn’t mean much beyond representation and company admin BUT it’s worth keeping track of, especially in the future when CI start selling finished products. 

JR Fabrication – Arrow

Who make officially licensed Star Citizen Props and Model Space Ship Kits are making a Model of the Anvil Arrow that will go on pre-sale on the 10th of July, this is the 2nd model in their series, the first being the GreyCat Buggy, I am certainly going to be purchasing some Arrows as I used to be an avid model maker and painter!

And that’s it for this week, I’ve done various videos over the last few days covering 3.6 Gameplay, Patch Notes, New Features as well as summaries of the SQ42 and Star Citizen Monthly Reports, please checkout my latest uploads on my Channel to see them!

If you have any questions or comments then I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.