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Star Citizen Weekly News – 14th July 2019

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, this time giving you a summary of Star Citizen Roadmap Updates, the latest on the 3.6.0 Patch, CitizenCon Wave 2 Tickets, an Independence Celebration Ship Sale & more for the week ending the 14th of July.

SC Newsletter Week Ending 14/07/2019

Let’s Start with the blurb on the Newsletter:

“From Independence Day and Bastille Day celebrations to the UEE’s Imperator’s Day, July is a month to embrace personal liberty and freedom. To that end, today and through the weekend marks the start of our Month of Independence.

Also this week: Alpha 3.6 reaches the wider PTU, CitizenCon 2949 Wave 2 tickets announced, Rayari Inc. turns back time, Stegman offers full and stylish outfits, and SCLdoes SFX.”

There was a Sneak Peek at one of the Hacking Interfaces planned for 3.6.


Wave 2 CitizenCon Tickets

There are more CitizenCon 2019 Tickets going on sale on Wednesday the 17th of July.

There are going to be an additional 350 tickets in 2 batches of 175. One each at 6pm and 10pm UTC.

There will be more tickets available at a later date as well though.

They are also starting to sell their Digital Goodie Packs for this year too.

CitizenCon this year is on the 23rd of November in Manchester BUT please remember their will be a LIVESTREAM & it is 100% free and re-broadcastable

Independance Sale

Sow harmony and unity throughout the ‘verse and rise up against the UEE’s oppressors with specially curated ships and packages. Only available through July 15th, harness the spirit of independence by adding these Red, White, and Blue vessels to your fleet.

There are a 2 ship packages the liberty and independence pack for $390 & $675 respectively BUT also some limited and concept ships are back on sale being the Apollo Triage, Constellation Phoenix (in limited quantity), Cutlass Blue, Cyclone RC, Mercury StarRunner and Razor, most of these are available on the Ship Updates section too. Please remember that all of these will be available to buy and/or rent in game, all you need is a starter pack.

Current 3.6.0 PTU Info

Talking about 3.6, we are still wave 2 of the PTU phase for the new patch and are currently 2 weeks off schedule for the LIVE version of the patch. We should see an Open PTU soon that will enable all backers access to the patch before it goes LIVE & expect it LIVE before the end of the month.

The latest PTU Patch 3.6.0o still has a lot of bugs and issues to go through and needs a lot of stress testing too, there are performance problems, odd AI behavior, Hover Mode needs to be dialled in and there are a good few other blockers too.


With 3.6 From the Roadmap the Black Market Economy and apparently Performance Optimization are now done, there is only 1 feature left showing that needs to be completed for 3.6.0 and that is Shield Systems Tech Replacement, I believe this is just the framework and some updates TOWARDS the signed distance field new shields at this stage & more will come later.

Ship Rentals & The 890 Jump saw more tasks added to them for their 3.6.x release coming a bit later.

Alpha 3.7 has seen a lot of progress this week with various tasks completed with Rest Stop Interior Variations which will give us various new rooms and layouts for space stations.

FPS AI Combat Weapon Types has had tasks removed, I am not sure if that means it’s going to be less featureful.

The Vanguard Harbinger & Sentinel have seen some work.

Planetary Ground Fog Tech has hit the ground running with 25% of it being completed already by task.

Hopefully we should see big updates to the Roadmap 3.7 – 3.9 by the end of this month as well as the addition of what assumedly will be called 4.0 and is the Q2 2020 release.

JR Fabrication Arrow Pre-Sale

JR Fabrication make Officially Star Citizen licensed merch, models,props and have a new 1:100 scale Anvil Arrow model that is available for Pre-Sale. It’s the first ship they have sold.

They are very cool & highly detailed BUT very expensive!

Star Citizen Live was on Sound FX and didn’t really give any useful development info in my opinion, links to that are down below though.

July Sub Flair

RSI Subscribers are able to fly the Vanguard Warden at the moment I believe BUT also subs this month get a full outfit.

Normal Subs get the Stegman’s “Voyager” Red Outfit. Imperator Subs in addition to that get the Stegman’s “Pathfinder” Blue Outfit as well. Sub before the 15th of July to get those.