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Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.0 OPEN PTU

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.0 PTU (Public Test Universe) is now Open PTU for all Backers with a Game Package. Let’s Quickly go through how to get into the 3.6 PTU and the latest Game Launcher. This Also the latest 3.6.0q update just came out so we will do a little summing up of the PTU.

Star Citizen PTU FAQ
Download The Latest Launcher
Star Citizen PTU Latest Updates

To download the PTU is very simple, in fact there is a PTU FAQ Page with all the links BUT I’ll also put them below.

Copy Your LIVE Account across to the PTU Servers – Go to the Account at the top Right of the RSI Website, Settings and then Click the Yellow PUBLIC TEST UNIVERSE Tab and Copy account to PTU. If you need to reset your PTU account for any reason, just repeat this step.

Download the new Launcher (from the links below) this will actually replace the current one and allows you to launch the LIVE or PTU build from the same place. THE OLD PTU LAUNCHER will no longer work and this will replace the current Live one too.

The Joy of this launcher is that you can log in with your LIVE password then change the game to PTU in the top left corner.

Launch & Boom You are in the Game!

Always check the testing focus of the latest patch & remember that the PTU is extra buggy and used to do some of the most invasive iteration, balance & bug fixes

In the latest PTU Patch 3.6.0q the focus has been clearing up the remaining bugs with some fixes:

  • The Reclaimer should no longer clip into and get stuck inside of landing pads.
  • Escort mission ships should no longer fly aimlessly in circles.
  • Fixed missing ship pass-by sounds.
  • The cargo lift on the Reclaimer should no longer move and clip in odd directions.
  • Players should no longer get a crimestat for killing legal targets.
  • Turret interactable buttons on the Vanguard should now function.

Also Party Launch seems to have been properly fixed this patch! Which is fantastic.

There are still some other known issues they are working though, performance issues,  Odd AI behavior and lots of more minor bugs, like having to accept on the character creator everytime you load the game.

There are still updates ongoing to the New Hover Mode / VTOL System, its not working as intended yet and ships can be very hard to control or land when in Hover Mode & they are adding a Toggle Mode for it, which should hopefully make 3.6 LIVE.

Alpha 3.6 did see a lot of changes in it’s features BUT the new features that you should look out for are:

A New Law System & Black Market – Their are jurisdictional zones around each of the major planetary bodies with specific crimes that will have you getting scanned, fined and chased.

Stolen Goods and Narcotics can be smuggled and sold in certain areas.

The Rest Stop Space Stations have been updated with their new exteriors and look amazing.

Improvements to Shields, Mining Mechanics, Lighting & Ecosytems.

A small selection of new weapons as well as scope weapon attachments, updates to the Vanguard Warden and Hoplite, the luxury P-72 Snub is now flyable too.

There are Ship Purchase Kiosks allowing you to buy a huge range of ships in game from Levski Teaches, Area 18 Astro Armada & Lorville New Deal.

Hover Mode, using Ships VTOL Thrusters at low speed in gravity.

Lots of updates to animations.

Misfires and System Degradation working.

There is a load more including new areas like Scrap Yards to sell stolen goods to, Hacking Chips & Gameplay, for hacking comm arrays and security consoles (like the one at SPK BUT there are others) AND there is a lot of additions under the hood.

There is a little more to dial in, fix and iterate on before this patch goes out to live and that’s why you should get involved in this PTU phase and help track down bugs and give feedback!