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Star Citizen News – 3.6 LIVE & New Anvil Ballista

Star Citizen Weekly News News, we have Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 is Now Live and available for anyone that has a game package to play. We will also take a look at the New Anvil Ballista’s Vital Statics, The 3.6 Flyable Ship Sale, Roadmap Updates & a minor update to the Crytek v CIG Lawsuit. 

There is a New 3.6 flyable Ship & Vehicle Sale which has the:

The Reworked Vanguard Hoplite & Warden from $225 & $250 respectively.

The Updated P-52 and New P-72 from $20 & $30 respectively.

But also a mighty new ground vehicle the Anvil Ballista from $120 which went straight to LIVE with 3.6.

It’s a 2 crew Missile Truck for Anti-Ship Combat in atmosphere, something that it should be pretty good at with 8 S5 missiles, each of which can potentially take out a Cutlass Black with a direct hit. If something is a bit bigger, you can launch one of your 2 S7 Missiles BOOM.

All these missiles are part of a manned rear turret on the vehicle, it’s kind of like the Hurricane fell in love with missiles and decided to live on the ground.

The Driver has access to dual S2 Gatling guns, that they can remote control.

The Vehicle DOES need to be stationary to fire it’s missiles.

The Ballista has a firing range of over 2000 meters and a relatively tiny electromagnetic signature.

The Vehicle it’s is quite large at 16m x 7m x 5m.

It’s confirmed that it will fit in a Hercules Starlifter.

It’s available in it’s standard military type livery but also in snow or desert camouflage as well.

Component wise it’s all vehicle sized components BUT it does have 2 radars, I would expect it to be very effective at passive enemy detection. It also have 2 shield generators so it should be able to take a little bit of damage.

The info about the Vehicle suggests it’s suitable for attacking ground targets as well –  Packing eight size-5 missiles and two whopping size-7 destroyers, the Ballista is outfitted with a custom artillery system to annihilate targets of nearly any capability in the air and on the ground alike. It’s very much an artillery piece and should be protected as one.

That said it’s going to be a while before this has more use in game, when we have bases and reasons for them to have Ballistas standing by OR AI being able to use ground vehicles then these will really add to the game.

I would love a high paying defense mission to take a ground facility or outpost & then hold it against the whole server or something in the shorter term

Alpha 3.6 brings a load of new Features… a Jurisdiction Based Law System, Black Market, More Missions, Hacking v0, New Space Stations, Hover Mode, Better Item Degradation & Misfires, Improved Shields, VOIP Improvements.

I have various videos on my channel going over each of the new features and 3.6 in much greater detail, so check those out if you want to know more.

Roadmap Update

There is going to be an interim 3.6.x Patch with the 890 Jump, Ship Rentals and potentially some QoL updates and fixes. They are plodding away working on that.

Alpha 3.7 – Has seem Rest Stop Interiors get massive progress, in part as they have removed and merged tasks for it’s completion. Bartender NPC AI which will have social AI working much better has seen a lot of progress too.

The Salvo Frag Pistol and the Animus Missile Launcher also both saw work.

Alpha 3.8 – New Babbage v1 has seen some task planning, with Alpha 3.9 we have had a little bit of progress on Orison the Crusader Landing Zone.

This week’s Sneak Peek in the Newsletter was at some Texture Lighting

There were Some Minor Crytek vs CIG Court Case Updates – There was recently a Settlement Conference between the parties, they have not come to an agreement BUT the court has acknowledged both parties are attempting to come to a potential settlement now.

There is no updates to whether the motion of the bond will pass, last word on that is the judge is considering it currently & we will hear about it once she has come to a decision.