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Inside Star Citizen Counter Punch Summary

Inside Star Citizen Counter Punch | Summer 2019 Summary

The Anvil Ballista is meant to expand ground gameplay and eventually provide ways to protect ground areas. It has a huge range range, being able to be able to take out enemies before they can detect you.

The Missiles are massive. The 360 degree turret is new too.

There is going to be lots of gameplay centered around these vehicles and ground attacks / defense in the future.

The pipeline for straight to flyable ships can be more efficient as they work on the phases in order and straight after each other.

The 890 Jump has 68 Rooms on the ship and is confirmed at 210m long a mighty Luxury Capital Ship – They have been making loads of props, for the spa, kitchen, restaurant, bar, they have full sets of little props, from towels, to cutley, comfy footwear to modern art, in the form of paintings and sculptures, though all the paintings were made by a single artist they have then been signed by various devs from the studio. The Ship is still planned for a 3.6.x aso sometime within the next month or 2.

Melee Combat is coming a bit further down the line.

This includes Unarmed Combat and melee weapons.

They are testing the mocap data, brining it into engine and working out how they want to implement it. They tested pivioting the head as you punch among other ideas, a stabilized but heavy and fluid motion is what they want.

They still have lots of work to do with the heavy attacks BUT they are getting there.