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Star Citizen Weekly News – 28th July 2019

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, taking a look at the latest from the week’s goings on, Roadmap Updates, the CIG Shows Inside SC, SC Live, the Newsletter and more… a New 3.6.1 Patch is on the PTU as well

Let’s Start with a blurb from the Newsletter Black Market Boogie

We know a lot of you are enjoying the new features and improvements ushered into the Persistent Universe by the Alpha 3.6 patch. But, maybe none so much as those less-than-scrupulous Citizens taking full advantage of the burgeoning black market economy. Interested in an exciting life of crime? Go ahead and dip your toe into the dark waters of professional delinquency.

Also this week: design a badass bumper sticker to tell tailgaters to back off your Ballista, catch up with Jonah amid a tense situation, and trumpet the triumphant return of Inside Star Citizen. 

Links to all that and the Newsletter below.

Alpha 3.6.1 PTU & Roadmap

Alpha 3.6.1 is out on the PTU and it fixes a whole heap of problems that 3.6 had.

There aren’t really any improvements to Hover Mode and this isn’t the fabled 3.6.x patch with the 890 Jump & Ship Rentals that is coming later.

In Fact there has been some progress with the Ship Rentals Feature as a task was removed or merged. There is also Shield Systems Tech Replacement that has been moved to 3.6.x it seems, though shields have seen updates and balance in 3.6 already, there is more work moving towards the signed distance field tech.

We haven’t seen a rework of the roadmap for later patches yet BUT for 3.7 the Salvo Frag Pistol saw a little bit of work as did New Babbage for 3.8 and Orison for 3.9.

We had a couple of Sneak Peeks this week:

A Bounty Hunter Armor Concept was shown off, which looks interesting and the 890 Hangar was also shown we can see it can comfortably fit 2 x85s.

Inside Star Citizen & Star Citizen Live

Ballista, Melee Combat & 890 Jump Props, with SCL going on to talk further about the 890 and make a painting flair for it.

The 890 Jump is 210m long has 68 rooms and a huge amount of props and luxury areas, a spa, restaurant, there is also “modern art” & paintings that have been made by CIG artists some of which we saw during the shows.

The Ballista is the newest straight to LIVE vehicle that is in 3.6 now and it’s going to have an important place in the future defending the ground and bases.

Melee combat is a way off BUT will include unarmed, light, heavy and melee weapons attacks as well.

 During Star Citizen Live they also accidentally showed a PC desktop and a selection of folders of one of the dev machines which had a lot of people speculating on what they saw.

With folders named test-earth and test-moon as well as Nyx which people think may point to Nyx being the next Star System they are building.

Though it could very well be just that Delamar (which is supposed to be in the Nyx System) is stored in this folder… however I do suspect we could see a new system at potentially CitizenCon… and I think it’s likely that Pyro and Nyx will be in the next Systems that we get in the game and they are linearly connected.

Crytek Lawsuit

After the motion of the bond was passed there has been further Settlements Talks between them – On July 18, 2019 the parties participated in a Settlement Conference before Magistrate Judge Alexander F. MacKinnon. While the settlement negotiations were productive, ultimately the parties were not able to settle the case during the Settlement Conference. However, the parties agreed to continue settlement negotiations in good faith moving forward.

Leonard French your favorite copyright attorney also covered the latest with the case, going onto say that Crytek are in an extremely weak position as they sold their engine to Amazon and as SC is using that engine, there doesn’t seem to be much of a case.