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Star Citizen 3.6.1 PTU Patch Notes

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.1 is out on the PTU. The testing focus of the patch is a bug fixes & General gameplay BUT it does address both some minor & major issues that are in 3.6 AND before you get too excite, this patch does not add the 890 Jump or Ship Rentals though they are still planned for a 3.6.x patch coming within the next 2 months BUT beyond that we don’t know exactly when.

I am actually going to start with some Bug Fixes as they are sooo important:

  • Players should no longer experience a dramatic framerate drop when in 1st person & general performance is significantly up in this patch in problem areas, though it felt like I had lower FPS in general while around Olisar and in Space to be honest.
  • Players should no longer experience an infinite loading screen when logging into the PU. Which is fantastic!
  • Destroying an enemy ship when in the presence of security should no longer cause a crimestat.
  • Fixed an issue causing bounty type missions to appear in the same areas around GrimHex, which has the knock on effect of at least having less NPCs spawning there.
  • There should no longer be excess AI ships around GrimHex, lowering local FPS.
  • Players should no longer get stuck on a black screen after death.
  • Ships should no longer be missing components upon insurance claim return.
  • Secondary quantum travel route jump points should no longer be obstructed when traveling to a planetary body.
  • Mission givers should be in their correct positions.

Feature Updates

  • Updated audio for size 3 ballistic cannons and Ballista missiles.
  • Updated FOIP camera selection with “camera mode” which includes the choice of camera, resolution, framerate, and color space. Recommended modes are marked with a “*” and modes below 320 or above 1920 are excluded.
  • Added Ballista class missiles to Centermass store.
  • Disabled UI pitch ladder for ground vehicles.
  • Added HUD warning message for security encounter.
  • Raised the P8SC gun’s sight attachment point.
  • Updated dimensions for Freelancer Max and Vanguard to better select landing pads/hangars.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing orbital markers at multiple locations.
  • Updated armor tagging for Star Marine so the outlaws now have a complete set.
  • Fixed an issue causing tire trail VFX for the Ballista to not appear.
  • All crew members of the Ballista should now have ship computer audio.
  • Holding LMB should now work to quick place carried items.
  • Security attacking the player should now be flagged as hostile.
  • The UI should now show correct numbers for weapons when not wearing a helmet.
  • The camera should no longer appear to be inside the player’s head when respawning in Star Marine.
  • Fixed an issue where the REC total wasn’t displaying at the top of the screen on the Arena Commander menu.
  • Fixed an issue where mineable asteroids could be detected at much longer ranges than intended.
  • Modified shield proxy for Reclaimer to fix shield holes.
  • Ruto’s appointment mission should no longer be offered before the player completes the prerequisite mission.
  • Fixed an issue where missiles were not inheriting velocity.
  • Switching genders in the character customizer should no longer cause a skin tone mismatch.
  • Vehicles should now be able to be repaired and restocked at Lorville and Levski.
  • Fixed 8 client crashes & 2 server crashes.

Known Issues

  • Some landing pads will not highlight when requesting landing.
  • Players are sometimes able to QT through planets, exploding their ship.
  • The Ballista currently can’t be restocked at outposts.
  • Constantine Hurston is non-interactable.

This patch for me is how 3.6 should of gone LIVE, well maybe once they fix those known issues BUT it’s a solid QoL and bug fix patch done in a timely manner after a major release & CIG get a gold star for that. Now fix Hover Mode lol

The PTU patch should be available to all backers and I’d like to know your experiences and thoughts on 3.6.1 if you’ve been playing it!