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Star Citizen 3.6.1b – Bugs & Blockers for LIVE

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.1b is now out on the PTU, this patch has a few fixed but a lot of bugs still that need to be fixed for the 3.6 branch. This process of finding and fixing some these should of really done before 3.6 went LIVE but due to the nature of Star Citizen’s sometimes a little erratic date driven releases it’s bleed a little in Q3, it’s the nature of the Alpha. Let’s take a look at the 3.6.1b PTU Patch Notes to start with & then some of the blockers & bugs.

Testing Focus is currently the Ship component fix & General gameplay

  • Temporarily removed the VTOL animation from the Cutlass to restore forward/reverse strafing when in hover mode. This might cause Cutlass pilots to rejoice as they won’t get “stuck” in VTOL. There are Hover Mode issues still though.
  • Emissions should now display properly on MFD and support screens.
  • There should no longer be a floating boxing ring just outside of Lorville.
  • Players should no long stare at a black screen when attempting to respawn.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ship repairs to not work when degradation was present.
  • Fixed an issue where Pro Tem bounties would spawn inside asteroids.
  • Players should no longer get stuck on an infinite loading screen when entering the PU. This seems to be consistent now to me at least.

The listed Known Issues are:

  • Some landing pads will not highlight when requesting landing.
  • Players are sometimes able to QT through planets, exploding their ship.
  • The Ballista currently can’t be restocked at outposts.
  • mobiGlas does not come up when getting a mission from Recco Battaglia
  • Players with spawn point set at Area18 will respawn in the air above the city after dying W/A: Avoid area or re-log to spawn.

From playing some of the 3.6.1b patch there are various other bugs, some more minor than other:

Low Frame Rates seem to be an issue for me as well as occasional hitching when QJining.

There are issues with QT & HUDs / UIs, which can be misaligned with some ships and vehicles & the HUD still disappears when changing to QT to Flight Mode. In regard to that as well location & outpost markers can disappear after selecting a location in the Starmap, sometimes you literally can’t spool your QD as well when near a planet or moon, and you have to power down

Overly shaking ships in QD & in atmosphere.

When in a Party markers for members can disappear and sometimes show as unknown.

People have been complaining that a movie grain bug / filter has returned that had been previously removed.

One of the pluses of knowing there is going to be more patches after 3.6.1 with at a 3.6.x interim patch is the expectation that if some of these more major problems aren’t solved in 3.6.1 that they can be solved in the more major patch that contains the 890 Jump, Ship Rentals & Shield Updates. Also there are always going to be more bugs in the PTU phase than when it goes LIVE, it’s one of the things that the PTU is about, finding and listing those bugs.

I am actually having a lot of fun in Alpha 3.6 LIVE and hoping that the 3.6.1 adds to it’s stability and accessibility of gameplay.