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Star Citizen News – Planet microTech & New RSI Subscriber Benefits

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, with some big RSI Subscriber Updates, a Summary of Inside Star Citizen that looked at the Planet Microtech in Alpha 3.8 & it’s Landing Zone New Babbage & CitizenCon Wave 3 Ticket Information!

Inside Star Citizen: Check Your Babbage

Microtech has a high tech domed city New Babbage, it’s currently in it’s white box stage.

The microtech plaza focuses on compressing a lot of content & function in a small space.

The areas around the city feel like greenhouses with lots of light coming in and big interesting plants. There’s a central microTech Flagship Store but also lots of other stores around it too. The plaza is basically a big circle and allows quick access to all the stores there.

They have been balancing resource performance with function and having a cool looking area.

To me this looks very Mass Effect Andromeda.

I suspect that looking at this New Babbage is actually one of the smaller zones that we will be able to explore on foot at least in it’s v1 implementation, I am expecting lots more domes and a reasonably sized city BUT very little in the way to explore there beyond the Spaceport and Public Transport areas.

That said a little later on I do suspect there will be some more domes to explore.

Both V1 and V2 of New Babbage are on the Roadmap already in 3.8 & 3.9, so there will certainly be some additions there.

3.6 Alpha saw Misfires added. 

Misfires are a fault with an item that occurs semi randomly based on the condition of the item. In 3.6 powerplants, shields, thrusters & coolers will all misfire.

In the future misfire warning and information will be shown on your HUD.

This adds consequence to long term misuse of an item.

Overheating regularly or overclocking items will cause items to degrade faster.

But things like distortion damage can also cause misfires.

They’ve tried to balance misfires so that they don’t happen constantly or feel unfair but does add consequence.

The new Law System gives consequences to actions and sets up jurisdictions to the stanton system. There is the overriding UEE laws and then sub sets of laws adding a few extras in certain areas.

New Babbage will be reasonably lax with their laws as they are a place where they focus on progress over anything else.

They want to have a database so you can see the laws of an area before you go there as well.

They have even discussed really making Hurston & Lorville Oppressive by potentially making certain clothing illegal or at least fineable.

They will be developing the law system a lot in the future and it will include other and alien systems in the future too.

CitizenCon 2949 Wave 3 Tickets

The final wave of CitizenCon tickets goes on sale Wednesday the 7th of August. There are 350 up for grabs being sold in 2 lots of 175 one at 6pm UTC and one at 10pm UTC.

It’s expected that more info on the Digital Goodies Packs will also be up then too.

That means that 1200 tickets will have been sold in total, I suspect you will have a few hours to grab one when they go on sale, the first wave went in seconds but the 2 wave it was a day or 2 before all of them were sold.

Subscriber Update

There are some updates coming to RSI subscribers & flair they will receive. I’ll read some of the message from Disco Lando: 

Starting this month and moving forward, you’ll see a variety of offerings from the Character Art team designed to personalize your Star Citizen experience in ways more distinct than a color variant. The items that come between August and December 2019 were created specifically for Subscribers with an eye towards life in the persistent universe. Some of them will be the helmets we’ve already previewed in previous newsletters and Star Citizen Live (The HoloSkull and Centurion Helmets), others will be things you may have first seen if you read Jump Point magazine each month. We’re excited to bring this additional focus to the In-Game Rewards (often referred to as Flair) with an eye towards truly unique offerings not found anywhere else. At least not in the immediate future. It’s one more way we want to say thank you for supporting the continuing development of the game each and every month.

Flyable Ship for Subs – This month our theme is ground game, and to highlight that we’re making all five variants of the Tumbril Cyclone available to Subscribers for all of August. Those should be available in ASOP terminals now, so take flight… er… drive?

Subscriber-Only Pledge Promotion (Ship of the Month) – Every month we make the previous month’s Ship of the Month available for a limited time pledge promotion. This month and going forward, we’re going to make these offerings just a little more Subscriber-special, by upgrading the insurance and adding some decorative items to each Subscriber-Only Pledge Promotion. Included in each offering every month will be: 1-Year Insurance (Up from the base 6-Months) Three random decorative flair items from the past. CCUs will be enabled for select, non-stock limited items. (If you CCU, it works like normal. You keep the insurance and items of your previous package. You do not get the insurance and items of the Subscriber-Only Pledge Package. These items will be included at no additional charge. When we say “random” for the decorative items, we mean they’ll be three items that change every month. The insurance, flair and CCUs our way of saying thank you for participating in the Subscriber-Only Pledge Promotion. This promotion begins on August 14th for all Subscribers.

Subscriber Vault The Subscriber Vault will continue to showcase early or alternative concepts for ships, weapons and other items in the Persistent Universe. 

Behind-the-Scenes Broadcasts Inside Star Citizen returned last week with it’s continuing look at the development of Star Citizen. Throughout the remainder of this quarter will be checking in on upcoming landing zones like New Babbage, character concepts, more of the 890 Jump interiors ahead of it’s release, the new building blocks UI are working on to revolutionize our interfaces across the board, the Banu Defender, sweet new Space Stations and more and more. ISC is the marathon look at all aspects of Star Citizen’s development, and we look forward to continuing these examinations weekly.

For Star Citizen LIVE, our weekly Friday livestream, we’ll continue giving our various departments a long-form, decompressed platform for showcasing their work and process. One of my favorite things about Star Citizen is the way we highlight teams that would never get a spotlight from any other studio, even though their contributions are just as worthy to the overall success of the project as flashier aspects. Whether that means props, lighting, VFX or even IT, I’m proud we give everyone their chance to shine each and every week and for anyone that thinks I’ve covered everything by this point: there’s still Human Resources. They’re my white whale. Someday…

Subscriber Exclusive Store This is just your friendly reminder that nearly every In-Game Reward and Flair Item that’s been awarded since 2014 is available to Subscribers in our Subscriber Exclusive Store. It’s your chance not only to catch up with flair you may have missed, but pick up items that can be gifted to your friends who aren’t a part of the program.

Subscriber In-Game Rewards (Flair) This month’s flair was first seen in last month’s Subscriber Newsletter and then again in last week’s Jump Point Magazine. They’re meant to represent the same type of novelty shirts many of us wear in real life, just with a Life in the Stanton System flair. We wanted to introduce the same kinds of shirts we’d wear, with the same acerbic wit and charm found in our own personal clothing. You’ll find out more when the traditional flair post goes live on August 14th.

That’s all I have for you this month. Be sure to check in on the 14th for the specifics of the Subscriber-Only Pledge Promotion and In-Game Rewards.

Until next month,


So it appears we will be getting a bit of a update like this every month in regard to RSI Subscriber Perks and their shows, this is all in an effort to add value to RSI Subscriptions and to encourage more backers to subscribe. There are certainly some more compelling reasons to be a sub now with potentially some very cool subscriber flair, access to ship deals, more updates as well as the old benefits and being able to help support SC’s Video & Streaming Content. 

Hopefully they will strike a balance of some cool rewards BUT not so much that it overly rewards subs, nothing pay 2 win… What I hope we get is another show like Calling All Devs Back or a regular Ship Shape or Deep Dive into a planned Mechanic in addition to other shows.