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Star Citizen 3.6.1 LIVE Release Candidate

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, Alpha 3.6.1 is still on the PTU and there has been a few updates with patches c, d & e patch, these have been very QoL and bug fix heavy which is what you’d expect for a mini patch but also a release candidate, let’s look at the patch notes and current state of the PTU.


  • Recommended camera modes should appear on the top of the list for FOIP selection menu.
  • VOIP UI “speaking” notification now ignores players who are out of range.
  • The Citizencon knife should now have its proper texture.
  • Repair costs should no longer be exceedingly high when degradation is present.
  • Fixed wrong color space in FOIP settings for cameras with more than one color space.
  • Players should no longer see pink or purple graphical issues around ArcCorp if they updated to the latest drivers.


  • Players should no longer respawn in the air at Area18.
  • Lawful missions should no longer appear on GrimHex if the player has a crimestat.
  • Fixed 2 client crashes.


  • Brought down the number of AI security reinforcements to avoid accumulation of AI ships.
  • Increased the ship detection commodity buying radius for some stash houses.
  • Updated probability volume to lower the frequency of AI service beacons.
  • Players should now be able to purchase commodities at Hurston moon outposts.
  • Players should now have their ships detected once landed at CRU-L5.
  • The player’s ship should no longer explode when quantum traveling to a party member in atmosphere.
  • Repair, rearm, and refuel services should now work at city locations.
  • Players should no longer occasionally see UI markers labeled “unknown”.
  • Repair ground vehicles should now properly deduct UEC.
  • Mission boxes should no longer fall through ships when placed inside.
  • Mission description and contractor are now placed in the correct fields on the mobiGlas.
  • Mission givers should now be in their correct positions.
  • Fractured rock chunks should no longer fall through the surface when mining.
  • Fixed an issue causing some optics to be not sighted in correctly.
  • Restock should work consistently for all ground vehicles.
  • Fixed 4 client crashes & 2 server crashes.

The only remaining listed known issue is Levski garage pads do not recognize the Ballista as parked. Which is pretty minor.

There were some other bits that aren’t listed though, vehicle wheels don’t seem to animate/spin. There are issues with the 600’s doors, I know the ship will be getting some more love in 3.7.

Performance is significantly better as is stability for me.

Over those patches I have either gotten better with Hover Landings or the higher performance or something has made them slightly easier… Hover mode is still not great for me at least BUT it seems to be at least fractionally better maybe.

CIG please, take away the fly like a helicopter and keep the rest, my thoughts, you don’t have to agree with them.

This patch is pretty good for a release candidate for 3.6.1 LIVE though and potentially we’d see this between now and monday.