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Star Citizen 3.6.1 – State of the PTU & Patch Notes

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.1 is still on the PTU and we have had a couple of patches recently f & g. These latest patches are entirely focused on bug fixes, they have also started addressing a lot more bugs than I expected, let’s take a look:

The Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.1f PTU had the following Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where VOIP did not automatically connect the client back to proximity chat after disconnecting from a direct call or party chat.
  • Removed emotes from falling to fix using them to avoid falling damage.
  • Platinum bay ot HUR-L4 should now have inventory.
  • Levski garages should now recognize the Ballista as parked.
  • Reticle focus targeting should work once again.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.1g also had some more Bug Fixes

  • Players should no longer respawn into the same hab as others.
  • Ships should no longer return from claim with all components missing – This was actually probably the main blocker for a 3.6.1 LIVE build and it’s now fixed, they also,
  • Fixed a memory leak.

The Testing Focus 3.6.1 is still General gameplay, it does have some Known Issues:

  • Recently claimed ships may show as “locked” on the VMA. W/A: App switch or reopen to refresh.
  • 600i interior elevator doors do not open unless the ship is unlocked.
  • Reclaimer interior doors do not open unless the ship is unlocked.
  • The forward lift on the Reclaimer sometimes has collision issues causing damage to the player or the player to fall out.
  • Wheel and suspension animations are not working on wheeled vehicles.

As I have said CIG seems to be trying to fix a load of bugs for this patch, I though the previous e patch was going to be a release candidate BUT the plan here appears to of been take an extra week to get more bugs solved. This is going to be largely down to the community feedback an issue council reports poking CIG about why certain bugs were addressed yet.

Some other bits I have noticed in my first hour of play with this the latest patch:

EMP and Distortion weapons still don’t work, 

Some weapons don’t converge properly.

Mineables seem to disappear in this patch when you fracture them.

There are still problems with Spooling and Quantum Travel.

Ships Canopies randomly still open as well.

With the smaller patches I really like as many of the bugs being cleaned up as possible and there are certainly a lot of bugs that SC has, still this is a lot more bugs being fixed than I expected. 3.6.1 could literally go live any day now, probably by the weekend unless CIG are really trying to lazer more bugs away.

We still have the 3.6.x interim patch to look forward to, that is still in the works and contains the very much wanted 890 Jump might luxury capital ship as well as the much needs ability to rent a range of ships in game.