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890 Jump Tour & What We Know

The 890 Jump is coming in a 3.6.x patch soon.

It has 68 Rooms, is 210 meters long, can only land / be spawned at Lorville and Area 18 (at first). It’s cargo bay can carry and deploy a Ballista via it’s cargo elevator, as well as it’s hangar being able to carry 2 85x’s.

In the cargo bay some of it’s components are situated, like the Jump Drive, Gravity Generator. Either side are engine rooms.

Up the stairs from the Cargo bay is a crew deck, with kitchen/galley (with an elevator for the crew to move around), recreation room (with pool table), Eva Suit pods (they showed a rank of 7, that leads on to an airlock and then the hangar bay, these are situated to allow for the crew to suit up before entering a potentially decompressed area.

The hangars roof opens up and then the hangar floor raises so it’s on the exterior of the ship, to allow entry and exit. There is a basketball court in there too as well as additional room for cargo on each side of the hangar.

There is a door that leads up to the manned top turret & another that leads to the belly turret.

There is a lobby waiting room area for guests that are waiting to get in a ship or have just arrived, that leads onto rooms for the crew as well as ladders a lift as well as ladders to allow for people to get around in the event that the ship is powered down.

This Leads to what appears to be the mid decks & main guest section, there is a large atrium, which if you ascended I think leads to the bridge, but the atrium also leads to various areas for guests a spa area with lockers, showers, saunas, a circular jaucczi & water wall, there is a glass bottom there as well which has a fish tank under it, there is a large swimming pool here too.

Water is supposed to be rapidly pumped out of any swimming pools or water areas should the ship be under attack. I believe there is still plans for water in zero gravity as well though.

There is a large restaurant & bar with tables and seating for what appears to be a few dozen guests, this leads onto a meeting room behind with 10 seats.

Again On the lower decks though there is also a battlebridge that gives you full access to pilot and engage in combat with the ship, while also being more protected and secure. The assumption is that you will be able to see remotely with a camera / viewscreen, 3 stations are there, though they are a captains chair and 2 more gunner focused stations.

There is an armory with storage cupboards for weapons and armor, door the corridor from it, this then leads to a small medical bay.

Up to the top deck & the bridge, it has 3 stations, pilot, co-pilot and engineering, there is a holomap, component cupboards, a huge window for viewing space. It’s actually pretty small bridge wise for such a massive ship BUT I suppose it’s all that the ship needs as it’s more focused on it’s interior and being this luxury ship.

We have also seen various props and art for the 890, we should get a chance to change these in the future I believe as well, otherwise we will have a very generic luxury theme between the 890 Ships. 

Gameplay wise it sounds like it is supposed to cater for guests and giving luxury to certain players and NPCs while also having gameplay for staffing the ship. In the short term it’s going to be a giant party / tour boat as the transport gameplay is limited and there isn’t anything for VIP gameplay and missions HOWEVER CIG have been prototyping an FPS mission involving the 890 Jump, if this is a defend or assault mission then I will be extremely happy.

The ship will be by far the largest ship we have had in game when it’s released in 3.6.x

It has Capital Class components and should be a very capable multirole mission ship for a lot of different tasks, suitable for a small org or medium sized group to use as their main ship and it has all the facilities you need like medibay, huge cargo bay and hangar so that you can handle most of what the Verse throws at you. Though I would want to use it against Corvettes, large combat ships, torpedo bombers and things like that, it is supposed to be able to set some of it’s turrets up to be run by computer blades as a sort of PDS though we are likely to be waiting a while before that feature is in game.

I am very much looking forward to this ship, I suspect it’s going to be incredibly expensive in aUEC, something for an Org to purchase together. Last time it was on sale it was for a limited amount of hulls, no CCUs were available and it was $890. I do expect it to go on sale again at the Anniversary Sale / CitizenCon around the 23rd of November again, in limited quantity BUT also potentially when it’s available in it’s Alpha 3.6.x patch there could potentially be a sale of it too.