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Star Citizen News | Banu Defender, Harvestable Plants & Character Concepts

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a summary of the week’s news ending the 11th of August. 

Newsletter – Ticket to the Moon
From the Official Star Citizen Newsletter, Alpha 3.6.1 makes it to the Persistent Universe and works its bug smashery all across the Stanton system. Meanwhile, our global studios let us know what they accomplished in July and a few tickets to CitizenCon 2949 still remain. Grab one now and make sure you don’t miss the year’s premier Star Citizen soirée.

Also this week: the Trade and Development Division keeps commerce flowing smoothly through the UEE and Inside Star Citizen takes us ever deeper into the gargantuan 890 Jump. 

The Sneak Peek this week is what I believe is the model for the OMC Frag Grenade.

You can find links to the newsletter and all of that’s mentioned here down below.

Alpha 3.6.1 is now Live, the patch adds a whole ton of quality of life improvements & bug fixes, we are now awaiting the 3.6.x interim patch which should still contain Ship Rentals, potentially some other fixes too & the  890 Jump which saw a little bit of progress on the Roadmap this week. 

For the end of Sept Release 3.7 – Space Station Interior Variations saw a lot of progress, The Vanguard Variants had some progress with a large amount of the Harbinger’s tasks getting complete.

The Kronig FL-33 Laser Cannon & Anium Missile Launcher saw some tasks completed, The Salvo Frag Pistol saw a lot completed too.

New Babbage in 3.8 saw the landing zone get more tasks added as well as a few completed, for 3.9 Orison the Crusader saw a few tasks completed.

We still haven’t had any form of rescheduling of the Roadmap for 3.7, I suspect it will have some additions an changes, though it doesn’t seem overly complex feature wise looking at it. We are also still waiting on Alpha 4.0 being added to the Roadmap. or whatever the Q2 2020 patch is going to be called.

Inside Star Citizen: Ships with Character

There has been a few new sets of Character Concepts done for vendors & shopkeepers.

We will be seeing updated clothing for NPCs based on their vocation, so bartenders will be appropriately attired for their job BUT also location.

There are serving staffs, that look suited for restaurants and onboard aircraft as stewards.

Chefs, Waitings, Hosts have all seen work. Space Chefs being very cool.

Bounty Hunter Gear looks very interesting and diverse without being too close to the anarchic ship jacker armors. Lots of variants taking inspiration from lots of different sci-fi WITHOUT going too madmax.

The first batch of clothing (and potentially armor) from a new manufacturer CodeBlue Apparel contains cold weather clothing for places like microTech. This looks like it may give you environmental resistances to cold.

There has been a big melting pot of races & religions from Earth to make some very diverse options and concepts. This will be going into production VERY SOON.

In the Star Citizen LIVE JLee made some quick concept clothing too.

They have continued to work on Harvestables with lots of types of harvestable plants being prototyped. It’s possible these may be edible at some point to alleviate hunger and thirst with the actor status system but are also going to be part of things like science, missions, farming and loot in the future potentially.

The Props team have made a load of bartender useables, items and furnishings.

Kroneg are getting some new ship mounted laser cannons the FL-33 as mentioned in the Roadmap updates earlier, these are high damage & long range, though slow to fire.

There was a lot more shown off of the interior and style of the Banu Defender.

It’s extremely blue, green and gieger with a bit of Brass and lighting to complement.

They also talked in depth about the 890 Jumps Lower Decks – I’ve done an updated video on the 890 Jump in more detail, which I’ll link below.

CitizenCon Tickets, at time of recording there are around 125 left, I suspect they will be sold out by the end of Monday.

They are also looking for Community Booths to be at the event, so not just Orgs but Services, Events, Groups, Content Creators anything will be considered that’s suitable for a fanfest it seems.

I’ll link the CitizenCon Launch Page down below for those looking for more info.

RSI Subscribers are getting a new line of Subscriber Flair this month that should be pretty cool and the Flyable Ship of the months is actually all of the Cyclones to drive for the whole of August.