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Star Citizen News – Week Ending 1st September

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News for the week ending the 1st of September 2019. There have been a huge amount of Roadmap changes and we have a new giveaway from September as well as the winner from August, we will talk about this along with the summary of the week’s news.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.2e is currently on the PTU & it’s Wave 2 we should see the Open PTU and probably LIVE build for this, this week. I am going to be having a 890 Jump Party when the patch goes LIVE and anyone around on my Discord is invited!

New Roadmaps – There was a video and FAQ about CIG moving to a Staggered Development model with 6 monthly cycles for teams working on Branches rather than 3 for both SQ42 and Star Citizen’s PU. We will still see a major update every quarter and this should see more polished playable patches with features that have more content. In the short term Alpha 3.7 is getting a bit cut down. In fact CIG have released updated Roadmaps for upto 4.0 the Q2 2020 patch. This has also caused the Squadron 42 Internal Beta to now be targeted at Q3 2020 (effectively being pushed back 3 months).

This Week’s Sneak Peek Was at some Stealthy gear that also looks very much inspired by Predator.


The GameGlass & Corsair August Giveaway Winner is rabidL3M0NS congratulations.

September’s Giveaway is for Anvil Carrack, donated by the Org ULTRA more about that at the end of the video.

Inside Star Citizen looked at quite a few topics, they are working on livery for the Vanguard Variants, Materials Libraries are being built out and streamlined, the mobiGlas is getting customization features. FPS Weapons are having more customizations coming with silencers, flash hiders, compensators and more. They are splicing more animations and dynamic audio together so we will have appropriate sound for things like hero landings when falling in armor. CIG have also been spending a lot of time reworking UIs throughout the game using their new building blocks tech. We should see much better HUDs, MFDs and interactions using these in the near future.

Star Citizen LIVE looked at modular assets for space stations

Props and Architecture are inspired from various sci-fi tropes and things like Star Wars.

They are able to easily generate and fill areas with content now, for space stations they can generate their interiors with a click of a few buttons. This creates a procedural station that looks like it’s a living environment.

These tools will have more and more assets and architecture types added to them and that will allow for more variety and types of station as well as more interesting set dressing for them, currently we have the more industrial used Space Stations in game but we will see many more, some cleaner! Devs can then hand place and tweak these areas. Groups of items can be placed as a prefab and snap into place with the rest of the environment where sensible.

The Nautilus is the latest Concept Ship for Star Citizen and it’s a Minelayer, this & Staggered Development should be getting some of the most FAQ’s answered in the coming few days, there is a SC LIVE episode focusing on SD Questions Friday the 6th September.