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Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.2 PTU Patch Notes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.2 is on the PTU and is soon going to Open PTU / LIVE. Though the 890 Jump is the focus of the patch there were a few other tweaks the patch has made so far, let’s talk about the additions and iterations that the patch has gone though.

The focus of the patch is the Origin 890 Jump, testing it, it’s performance, how it affects server and where it can spawn/dock. It’s the largest ship currently flyable in game & extremely cool however there were some changes to some weapons that weren’t working correctly as well.

  • Hurston Dynamics weapons, Attrition and Dominance Series should no longer penetrate shields & Neutron weapons should no longer penetrate shields at longer ranges.
  • The Attrition and Dominance have had their heat based damage bonus removed and been given a slight damage increase to compensate as a temporary work around to the unintended shield penetration.
  • They Removed damage drop from neutrons and reduced damage to bypass shield penetration issue.
  • Those penetration issues were incredibly important to fix as they were able to annihilate ships incredibly easily. HOWEVER they have left those weapons in an odd state now, they should get more appropriate fixed and rebalanced most likely for the LIVE build.

Moving to some of the changes to landing zones.

  • They Slightly reworked larger ship pad sizes and 
  • They have added two more XL hangars to Lorville and Area18 to accommodate the 890 and Reclaimer & those ships can currently only be spawned at Hurston Lorville and ArcCorp Area18.
  • They also Updated the docking time for large ships.
  • Compatible stations should now properly refuel large ships.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Throughout the PTU Patches the 890 has seen a lot of iteration and fixing they Updated art for it’s thrusters. Increased it’s health pool so the hull isn’t destroyed so quickly and slightly decreased the shield strength.
  • Made a LOD & Damage Model update. Updated lighting and fixed various lighting issues.
  • Fixed doors to be interactable instead of automated. Updated landing gear animations, quantum VFX & interior VFX States
  • The starboard side bench in the master suite of the ship now have interaction highlights.
  • Missile launchers should no longer clip when in remote turret use.
  • Moved indicator lights to accommodate new landing height.
  • There should no longer be extra airlock doors on the 890.
  • Changed the elevator UI for personal left to “exit ship” and added enter prompt from below & Fixed UV issues on the manned turret’s glass.
  • Fixed missing audio in the ships atrium, elevators, crew bathroom doors & turret rotation.
  • Slowed down crew lift to prevent players from falling through.
  • All large hangars should now be accessible on landing and not blocked by the no fly zone.
  • Wine glasses should no longer pile up in hangars and reduce game performance.
  • The shield bubble for the ship should no longer be heavily offset.
  • Players should no longer be able to gain money by interrupting the refueling process.
  • There have been Various performance optimizations as well.

There are some Known Issues in the current 3.6.2f PTU Patch

  • Players will not respawn after their ship is blown up via the no fly zone.
  • Replaceme balls are inside Teach’s ship shop.
  • Powering on the 890 may cause a client crash.

It looks like the LIVE build of 3.6.2 is set to reset aUEC progress too, though that is not 100% confirmed.

Ship Rentals are not in the 3.6.2 patch and have been moved into Alpha 3.7.

Alpha 3.7 is the next major patch and should be live by the end of September.