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Star Citizen Ship Updates

Welcome to Some more Star Citizen with a Roadmap Update looking at changes this week to features for the PU in a bit more detail as well as a slew of ship updates. All for the weekending the 15th of September.

From CIG’s Roadmap Round up:

Various Features are in their polishing phase ready to go into Alpha 3.7 FPS Mining, Harvestables, Weapon Attachments v2, the Hedeby Salvo Frag Pistol, and the Kroneg FL-33 Laser Cannon.

Ship Rentals have had their task list expanded out and is sitting at 13/18 tasks completed.

The Cutlass Blue has moved from 3.8 to 3.9 this is for a couple of reasons, 

The Banu Defender taking longer than initially planned, the Defender is still planned for 3.7 though but this caused, either the Cutlass Red or Blue to move back one quarter. They decided to focus on the Cutlass Red & move back the Blue to 3.9.

Work on the Hull-C ship continues, but its release is currently blocked by a few tech prerequisites including a physics refactor, as well as additional work from the engine team that will create scalable & multiple physics grids. They are prioritizing the ships needs for Squadron 42 first however the work planned to finalize in Q4 is not quite enough for a PU release.

Ship to Ship Docking requires work on several bits of tech including the physics refactor before it’s ready for the PU. They have taken the feature as far as they can without these additional tech requirements, and have re-tasked the team that was working on it onto other priorities while the finish off other tech.

They are developing a new damage type for the Lightning Bolt Co. Atzkav Electron Sniper Rifle, and the tech for that damage type isn’t quite ready so it’s moving to 3.9.

All New planned Mission Givers, Lisa Gibbs, Devin Bautista and Eddie Parr are tied into locations that need to be completed too. Bautista and Gibbs are for Crusader Orison, and Eddie Parr is in microTech New Babbage v2. They’re still doing the work on those specific characters, but if locations move around on the roadmap the mission givers will move with them.

The Sneak Peek in the newsletter this week was of a Banu Defender in Hangar

There is also a Star Citizen Ship Showdown community event where backers are supposed to support their favorite ship with a screenshot, video, picture, photo, song or any type of art & craft and share with the #SCShipShowdown

Some anvil arrows are going to be given out as prizes.

Also the top 16 most popular ships are going to somehow duke it out in another round and eventually the “top” 4 ships will have some surprises with them happening later this year. I suspect some loadout variants like the masters of flight series.

Continuing talking about ships we had a juicy Star Citizen LIVE all about ship questions which I’ll summarize here:

The 890 Jump’s fuel is bugged and currently you are only able to refuel in atmosphere which is obviously not ideal, we will see less fuel usage soon though.

Some turrets of the 890 will be made to use PDS / AI Blades – auto turrets, but they are not adding additional turrets to it.

They will balance the 890s weapon’s loadout in the future if necessary, potentially quad mounting guns.

More generally Manned turrets in the future should be able to be manned, have an AI module for automation, be remotely controlled or slaved to the pilot.

890 jump will have VIP missions associated with it!

Same types of missions as Starliner so people carrying.

The Parasite docking for the Constellation so the Merlin P-52 & assumidly P72 should be working when they have ship to ship docking currently planned for 3.8.

There’s a bug currently that your ship systems power off when you get out of your seat, that’s unintended.

IFCS Assist is meant to replace hover mode – Allows you to fly close to things and your acceleration scales down and you can move more precisely.

VTOL Thrusters rotate down via a button press – separate from proximity assist

There will be more additions to the Flight Model after 3.7 – the strength of thrusters will be scaled down in atmosphere.

Fighters that have been called Interdictors on the ship matrix are actually interceptors.

Typically being better at higher speeds or having higher SCM.

Interdiction in the game is going to be bringing ships out of or preventing Quantum Travel.

Interceptors are typically dogfighters that can rapidly be deployed and get to a target do some damage or slow them down.

There are still plans for Banu Merchantman / Defender interplay – I suspect it’s going to be some form of light docking.

The Vanguard sentinel at release will not have AR cockpit, Ewar Pod & decoy missiles YET

It does EMP similar to warlock atm, currently has all distortion weapons & Slightly less armor. 

Harbinger 3 S5 torps, more armor, slightly slower

Ballistic Cannons on the nose

You can buy nose guns variants from shops in 3.7 for the Vanguards.

Retractable turrets for the ship will be coming LATER

Physicalized ship components is being worked on, they need to hook them up to the item controller now, then they can add the physical item so the ship uses them correctly.

Sub components are coming after this.

Cargo containers that are ship items, so like the stor-all box on the Aurora, as well as the mustang and hornets non traversable cargo areas need updates to be used properly BUT there no dates given for when.

Auto-Gimbal Changes are being looked at not in 3.7 though

There is s1 gimbal mounts for s1 weapons for primarily starter ships.

It’s the only mount that ignores the sizing restriction.

Some ships like the Hurricane are not balanced in game yet. 

Turret improvements are coming as effective as another ship.

It’s cheaper to have 1 ship than 2.

QT Improvements are coming, lots in fact.

You’ll be jump from a lower height.

The flight model is still getting updates – thruster efficiency and balance will be changing.

Rebalancing them for atmo-flight

As well as space combat & accerations.

They don’t want ships fighting at incredibly high speeds.

Retailiator – Maybe getting a bit more of a torp loadout.

Potentially rotary launchers for more torps on the ship.

And the Slaving automation of some of it’s turrets is potentially a thing.

They need to tune ships, weapon aiming, pips, ESP to be more consistent and predictable.

Vanduul ships will receive updates at some point.

I believe that the cockpits of the Vanduul Blade and Vanduul ships in general are different to the human converted ones, as Vanduul are larger than humans.