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CitizenCon 2949 – Rumors, Leaks & What We Know

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a highly requested update to CitizenCon 2949, what we can expect, leaks and rumors around the event.

It is where the biggest news, reveals, presentations and gameplay is shown off.

The physical event is in Central Convention Complex, Manchester, England on November 23, 2019 Tickets have long since sold out. BUT the whole day’s goings on will be fully livestreamed.

What is CitizenCon?

A full day of presentations, panels, and opportunities to mingle with the Star Citizen development team awaits, alongside interactive demonstrations, lore-inspired food and beverages, and immersive surprises around every corner.

We typically get an hour plus of a mixture of near future Gameplay and some cool more future reveals.

A Keynote presentation that recaps plans for the game, and they reveal some New Ships and Vehicles.

Then at the end of the day they had a Road to Release talking about the pillars of the PU and release plans.

This year CitizenCon is merging with the Anniversary Sale now known as the Anniversary 

Seperate from CitizenCon we had an Expo as well Last Year that focused on sales and trying out ships. This year these events are merged together.

The “Teasers”

CitizenCon 2949 invites you into the Unknown We’ve all stared up at the night sky and wondered… but it takes more to leave it all behind and chart a course for the great unknown.

It takes a strong will to risk everything for the chance to experience something truly special, to see the beauty in stark otherworldly vistas previously unseen by Human eyes. It takes an indomitable spirit to undertake a journey that could change the very course of history, that could forever expand Humankind’s understanding of our place in the universe. Above all, it takes unbending determination and drive to reach into the unknown and pull back greatness.

This November, we invite you to find yourself. To find greatness.”

Digital Goodies

This includes exclusive digital pieces given away at CitizenCon 2949, including an in-game full armor set, in-game ship plushie (make and model TBA), in-game decorative telescope and CitizenCon trophy.

The Teaser and Digital Goodies pack suggest that Exploration may be a theme.

There had also previously been a Nick Croshaw quote the gentleman who discovered the first Jump Point in Lore, these are mediums by which we will travel between Star Systems in game.

Let’s talk about what gameplay that has been leaked / rumored to be shown off for the PU, it’s like that it will be showing off some of the Gameplay in the next major patch after CC Alpha 3.8 as well as some Future Gameplay that’s further out that CIG should have working or partly implemented for a Presentation.

In a Video from May I talked about some things that I thought would be shown and these have since also been reinforced by the teasers for the event, goodies pack & SC Leaks, a discord that go out of there way to rip apart code and actively seek out information about the game / rumors. They found some code suggesting that their will be gameplay of the Anvil Carrack & Pisces Scout Snub and they will have the ship travelling to a Jump Point. The system that is attached to the JP isn’t listed BUT as I have previously suggested it’s likely to be Systems that connect from Stanton and lead to the Odin System.

So from Stanton it makes sense for it to be the Pyro System, I have a more complex breakdown of my reasoning and the systems that I think CIG will expand Star Citizen to in Another Video that I will link below.

Squadron 42 is likely going to be a big part of the show.

Episode 1 has a roadmap to completion with a feature complete beta planned for Q3 2020 currently. I am expecting to see a Squadron 42 Release Date come out of CitizenCon this year BUT also some new reveals, trailer and/or gameplay.

At end CitizenCon I would expect another Road to Release where Chris Roberts should talk about priorities for the Game, what the plans are for the next year or so. 

Expect them to talk about Staggered Development, SSOCS, Server Meshing, Organization Features, Key Gameplay Features.

“Anvil” Anniversary Expo – Last year we had different manufacturers ships go on sale each day of the Expo, almost every ship (that is going to be flyable by humans) should be available again this year whatever it’s state. There were also some discount starter packs.

I would expect an in-Game Event for CitizenCon & The Expo as well like we had in 2018 Lorville, this year however it looks likely that it will be an Expo at ArcCorp.

Expect different Freely Rentable Ships each day of the expo as well.

Between the Expo & Keynote we should see some new ships & vehicles go on sale.

Some of these are likely to be straight to flyable and added into the game though we could also see some concepts. The Expo is “Sponsored” by Anvil 

So expect the Anvil Pisces Snub to go on sale THOUGH this is a bit of a small ship for CitizenCon so I am expecting something else too from Anvil… Anvil make durable military style ships typically & I would expect something Corvette sized or above, someone was asking me about BattleCrusiers the other day.

RSI Mantis Heavy Fighter – There was a leak on the SCLeaks Discord a while ago saying they had some details of a  30m Heavy RSI Fighter that was potentially flyable and planned for CitizenCon.

And that may still be the case HOWEVER there are a couple of other teasers that have come out since then. There was a concierge Newsletter implying there was an RSI vehicle or ship coming out with 3.7 or as a concept sale soon & there is also a Coming Soon page that was posted on RSI Website that has a picture of a Consetllation / Caterpillar in an Asteroid field around yela and a small round logo underneath it, digging into the page code there is a reference to the RSI K-Lis.

Some people are thinking these teasers mean that the Mantis might be coming out before CitizenCon, though it’s possible it’s something entirely different!

I did hear that player interdiction mechanics are potentially being shown off and some people are speculating that the RSI Mantis may be an interdiction or Stealth Ship.

An interdiction ship or way of interdicting from players is something that is needed in the game.

Some other potentials to see are a mixture of possible and wild – TitanSuits, a Station Building ship, Medium Mining, Salvage & Scanning Ships, Military ground vehicles Light Tank, APC, farming & building vehicles. The Cydnus Mining Ticks, new alien ships, new capital ships.

There are going to be panels throughout the day too expect something similar to Last Years Panels, they were around an hour long each with 2 different panels going on different stages. Last year there was panels on the new flight model, the Art of Hurston, Character Tech, Crafting Space, NPCs & Economy, Land Surveying, Physics & a whole lot more.

I would expect some high level information on the Economy, events, NPCs and important Gameplay mechanics this year and lots of other relevant panels based on hot topics and what is shown at CitizenCon.