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Star Citizen COMING SOON & Channel Update

Welcome to some more Star Citizen & a BoredGamer Channel Update for September. Looking at Alpha 3.7 going to Evocati maybe? What new Ship is COMING SOON? Star Citizen Community Events, Questions for CitizenCon, TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY, my Podcast & expanding my channel that sort of jazz!

We recently had a test Community Events where we messed around on an 890 Jump, flew around Stanton, grabbed like 8 or more Turtles from ArcCorp and released them on Hurston WHICH had some interesting unintended side effects of having the turtles swim off.

I’ll be doing a few more random LIVE play sessions with the community in the short term and the something a bit more organized and regular once I’ve got a handle on things.

If you want to be part of that join my discord and send me your handle there in the sc community events channel.

Talking about playing with the community I recently jumped on Rexzilla’s stream for some Star Citizen Ops. It was extremely good fun and I hope to join him and ZDF for more gameplay in the future. It’s made me realize that I want to start getting involved in playing with other orgs and streamers more. If there are any Orgs that want that have any ops I can join and don’t mind me filming then I’d love to get involved… time permitting.

Alpha 3.7 should be going to Evocati extremely SOON, I am expecting it for this weekend.

CIG have said they shouldn’t have some much in the way of delays going forward and I am hoping that this applies to 3.7 as well. It’s supposed to be LIVE for the end of September, it remains to be seen if they will make this date OR if a Hotfix patch will be required BUT the idea is once the devs are done with 3.7 they will start on 3.9 as they already have teams working on 3.8.

Coming Soon? Every Day we are seeing more and More of what appears to be a new concept OR straight to flyable ship. We had a teaser recently in a Concierge Newsletter that there is something from RSI coming soon. Looking at the Webpage of the Coming Soon Post has started to show a silhouette of a ship and if you look at the webcode it says RSI K-Lis. This could be the RSI Mantis which was supposed to be a heavy fighter potentially straight to flyable at CitizenCon.

From the tone of the post and the way the ship is almost stalking the Caterpillar from it’s asteroid that it’s being revealed from it’s possible that the ship could be a Scanning, Stealth, Ewar or Interdiction focused ship.

It’s Talk like a Pirate Day & CIG has made available the Pirate Caterpillar skin variant purchasable by anyone that has completed pirate swarm on AC. CIG also confirmed that there are some improvements coming to AC and the Pirate Swarm Gamemode. There was a picture of a Hammerhead oddly there… I’d love if we get multi-crew pirate and vanduul swarm modes.

I am Prepping for CitizenCon & the Anniversary Expo in November, am attending the event arriving a day before. I want to start collecting Questions for CIG and appropriate devs to ask while I am there.

I have been planning a BoredGamer Star Citizen focused Podcast After CitizenCon I think we should start that. I wanted to start it earlier BUT I have been mega lazy.

Talking about my laziness … well more just taking a long time the Employment of zinya, one of the girls that plays games with me every day and is one of my best mates is going to be working for me at some point in the future… I actually wanted to have this already done but there are loads of new things you have to do for employees in the UK now, I have to have a contract, pension and all that jazz and as she is going to be working for me full time and the idea of employing her is to be able to create a lot more videos and have them of a higher quality and also stream a lot… I am kind of waiting for there to be enough content in Star Citizen to be able to justify that. She is in a job that she’s happy plodding along with at the moment so I am not holding her in limbo… just waiting for the most sensible time.

Beyond Editing, You’ll see her in a lot of my videos in the future but also organizing some stuff in the community and helping film better looking b-roll. We will also be streaming various coop games LIVE too.

Mental & Physical Health – I’ve been losing a little bit of weight recently from dieting and exercise… I miss food! I still have random days of anxiety and depression but been pretty good recently.

I do have some lower back pain, I think it’s because I went to the pub a couple of times in the last couple of weeks and have say on benches with no backs.

I want to say thanks to all of my ViPs so Patreons, twitch subs, donators & YT Members but especially:

Huntress, Kat Astrus Mega, Ras, GearKharn, Andy Green, Aventador, Dalamars, Adate Cadur, Robert Johnston & BobKore.

You have chucked a lot of love otherwise known as money at me and that is really appreciated!

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