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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 New Mining Gameplay

Welcome to some more Star Citizen Insider looking at on Foot Mining Gameplay that’s coming with Alpha 3.7 in some more details.

Alpha 3.7.0 FP (First Person or On Foot) Mining Adds a lot of new gameplay, revenue potentials, exploration and reasons to play.

A deposit that you discover will need to be fractured like a multitool mining attachment, it’s a small scale mining mechanic.

You can buy the multi-tool in the utility section of Tammy & Sons and then the mining attachment in the weapons attachment section. They are available for sub 1k aUEC.

Once you have equipped the multitool & attachment in your utility slot on the Equipment Manager you’ll see that the tool has a new UI.

Appropriate Mineables will spawn in various locations such as caves, asteroids…

Some mineables will be obvious, others will be more subtle seams in rocks, the new shaders and textures really make rocks blend in appropriately in some situations.

Currently there is no radar to detect the FP Mineables, you’ll have to find them with your eyeballs!

When you find a mineables you need to ADS with the multi tool at it, this will scan it giving you data on the rock, contents, mass, instability – it’s a streamlined version of the prospector mining.

Rocks will show on the HUD, visually on the rock and by sound how the process is going.

Use too little power nothing will happen, too much and the rock will be destroyed.

If you successfully break the rock down then it will collapse into collectable shards or lootables that you can immediately pick up & stow it in your Personal Commodity Inventory.

In the short term there are some armors that have larger carrying capacities than others for Commodities. This will get a bit more refined moving forward and we will eventually have a full physicalized inventory system.

Some of the trade consoles will allow you to sell FPS Mineables, you’ll inventory will be detected as if you are a ship BUT you can also place your mineables down in a box that a cargo grid of a ship can detect too & sell like that.

FP Mineables don’t require refining in the same way Ship Mining does so each unit could potentially be quite valuable. 

Asteroid FP Mining is also a thing, sometimes FP mineables will appear on asteroids that can also be mined by a ship. So you could just ignore the FP mineable and just nom up the asteroid BUT you would effectively be losing whatever was in the smaller node.

If you want to mine it then you’ll need to EVA out with the Multitool and fracture that part first before continuing to mine with your ship.

In Caves as well there are various lootables and harvestables that don’t require a multitool.

From fruit, to animal remains to circuit boards & more. Some of these will require you searching around and traversing the environment.

For the Mineables We know there is Dolivine a green gem, Hadanite a pink one, Aphorite a blue one as well as others.

Although it wasn’t made clear I believe that you will see FP Mineables on the surface of planets and moons as well and attached to Prospector Mineables on the Surface too.

They have made improvements to the Caves & Flashlight for 3.7, they are also adding usable glow sticks which can be held or thrown.