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Star Citizen 3.7 Evocati & Roadmap Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, lots of things coming soon, 3.7, a new ship, new features, we have 3.7 evocati and learnt more about Quantum Fuel Mining. This is a summary of Roadmap Changes, Star Citizen Live All Things Lore & More.

Alpha 3.7.0 is out to Evocati – Roadmap wise it doesn’t appear that anything else is being dropped from 3.7 in fact there are a few things being added.

Roadmap Round Up

Arena Commander is seeing Pirate Swarm Improvements

It introduces an overhaul of the Pirate Swarm waves and difficulty curve to offer a true challenge to novice and experienced pilots. I’d expect to see some other tweaks to AC in general here as well.

Star Marine has had a new map The Good Doctor added

The Good Doctor has been designed and created from the ground up to offer a new and clean look for Star Marine. The map aims to offer fast, frantic and close quarter combat.

In lore the map is on Leir II.

Along with Caves in 3.7 they are updating the flashlight and adding Glowsticks which introduce the ability for a player to purchase, stow and throw a glowstick. With a wider light than the torch, the glowstick illuminates its immediate surroundings and can be thrown and placed in the environment to aid in player exploration through dark areas.

The Vanguard Harbinger & Sentinel have gone into polishing in preparation for their launch as well.

Alpha 3.7 is planned to be live for the end of the month but we will have to wait and see just the way that the dates fall it could be the first week of October, I would expect wider PTU by the end of next week.

This weeks Newsletter Sneak Peek was at the Kroneg FL33 Laser CAnnon


Other Roadmap Updates

With Alpha 3.8 which has a full set of teams working on as part of the staggered development process.

New Babbage Landing Zone v1 and Rest Stop Interior Variants have been making progress with the microTech Landing zone getting the Lion’s share.

Restricted Area Rework, Ground Fog Tech & the Cockpit Experience have seen tasks completed & the Carrack has seen a little more work

More of the Coming Soon Ship

We have some more of a mystery ship revealed… it’s looking like it is very likely to be the RSI Mantis which is supposed to be a heavy fighter though it’s not 100% confirmed.

I would expect the ship to be on sale next weekend.

Star Citizen LIVE – All Things Lore

We will have more details on Quantum Fuel and Quantum Matter in the future as they put the systems into the game but they have written some of the Lore up now and shared some of the rough design.

The Design team are introducing QFM into the game. It semi-rare but should be found in every system, it needed to exist in the sol system for example.

There are particles called transiens that can bend space and mass around themselves.

They experimented with particle collider type things and discovered that these could stably exist in trans isotopes where these transiens would tempoarily attech themselves to atomic particles and that’s how the harvested the transiens and that gets turned into QF.

You’ll be able to scan for a rock or asteroid and then when you scan it you might see it’s a percentage of this QM or transiens. You’ll have to harvest them quickly and if you put too much energy in you’ll lose them. You also have to transport them appropriately & quickly it seems. I am still a little confused on the Starfarers use in this process, it sounds more like it’s mined from an Orion or Prospector… The Starfarer should be able to carry refined quantum fuel though… I think we need some more answers, that should come in a bit of time.

Some things and companies in lore are named after staff members.

The Lore team help define the look of aliens, assets and the wider game by giving boundaries to other disciplines and briefs on how something should fit in.

Everything touches on Lore and they have extensive plans for the universe and everything in it. Some brochure text for ships is styled in the same way a real company would create media & marketing with descriptions sometimes overstating performance.

The Galactopedia is making progress and we should see updated in the future.

Lore keeps the game universe within boundaries and stops other devs adding things that are not appropriate for it. 

The Game is in Alpha and there are things that are not complete or need updating, ArcCorp is supposed to have lakes for example.

Lore will write up a guide or brief on each zone or ship or whatever they are describing that will be used by devs as a guide when creating it.

There are asian signs and letters around the game, but it appears these are going to be replaced with Banu, Teverian and Xi’An in in future.

Nuclear weapons are still a thing in the Star Citizen Universe.

They wanted star citizen to be tactile so they didn’t want super advanced AI in the game to do everything for you.

Tessa Bannister will be returning in the future.

Earth is going to be quite different in Star Citizen, it’s 930 years in the future.