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Star Citizen 3.7 Mission Sharing & Banu Defender

Welcome to some more Star Citizen Insider, looking at new information about Alpha 3.7’s Gameplay, Mission Sharing, FPS Attachments, the Frag Pistol, Characters, Ship Rentals & more of a look at the Banu Defender – a summary of Inside Star Citizen: Sharing Alpha 3.7

Banu Defender is Confirmed for 3.7 We saw the internals, lighting & externals in some more detail. The Ship is looking fantastic and very alien.

Mission Sharing is in Alpha 3.7 as well and helps massively with multicrew and ease of access for groups to play together.

They are now able to share rewards, have harder missions and have more to do in the game.

Reputation isn’t shared, EVERYONE gets the full benefit from reputation gain or loss when in a party.

There are now restrictions on where you can land based on your crime stat, they will refuse you landing permission & fire on you if you have a crime stat above a certain level, though you can still land illegally or sneak on, you vehicle won’t stored there tho (unless you claim it).

Lawful locations won’t allow you to land with any form of crime stat, this is major landing zones, Port Olisar, Lorville, Area18.

Semi-Lawful Locations will allow you a Crime stat of upto 3, this is rest stops & Levski

GrimHex will allow you to have any crimestat.

This should have the effect of having criminals staying out of the more lawful areas and hardened criminals staying around GrimHex which would be their main home.

These are part of ongoing improvements to expand the Law System and Outlaw Gameplay.

There is a new mission for level 5 criminals to hunt UEE Navy Ships, it’s difficult and designed to be shared & expects you to be hunted by bounty hunters at the same time too.

FPS Weapon Attachments are being added to. Reworked Scopes, Compensations, flash hiders, Silencers & a couple of underbarrel attachments too.

Barrel attachments are all available in 3 sizes pistols/smgs, rifles & then shotguns.

They are also available in ballistic and energy flavors, I am sure some people will be annoyed at energy stabilizers… but i mean it’s a game.

Underbarell attachment wise there is a laser pointer and flash light.

There are a couple of additional magnifications in addition to the reworking of the art for the scope too.

The Flashlight attachment is good at a longer range focus on a target BUT also has a blinding function.

The Salvo Frag Pistol is massive and uses 50 cal ammunition like the Coder. High Damage and pretty accurate. The weapon has a charge mode to that allows it to fire like a mini-shotgun.

The Character Customizer has had improvements based on player feedback to make the system simpler.

You can now more easily grab individual features from heads and build your character.

You can rent ships in 3.7 from Rental Terminals.

You can rent a ship from 1 day, 3 day, 7 day and 30 day periods.

This is Real World Time and ships rented are fully reclaimable, ship insurance works the same. The ship will be taken away when the period ends.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 is currently on the Evocati & is expected to have a LIVE build by the 10th of October with the Wider PTU coming some when between now and then.

Ship Rentals allow for some much more gameplay to be accessed by backers & based on which ships are available (hopefully almost all of the flyable ships in 3.7) it’s going to really open the game up to a lot more players. It is been soooo needed in Star Citizen & it’s something that I feel should of been in a long time ago, but it’s here now!

Mission Sharing and More Missions that are suited for it as well are extremely exciting, this is just more reasons to play and enjoy the game. We have needed reasons to group up PvE and a challenge as well as rewards for doing so & Mission sharing in 3.7 promises just that.

Inside Star Citizen is taking a break until the 24th of October.

In the Ship Showdown the first day was won by the Cutlass Black, Day 2 is likely to be the Constellation Aquila that will go against each other in Round 2 Next week.

The community’s favorite FLYABLE ship will be crowned on the 10th of October

The 16 most popular flyable ships are on for sale currently these top 16 being:


600i Explorer

890 Jump

Avenger Titan


Constellation Aquila

Cutlass Black


Freelancer MAX

Freelancer MIS




Retaliator Bomber


Vanguard Warden

The New Mantis Ship was revealed via a Newsweek and Gamestar Article but it was confirmed that there was no form of paid promotion there, I believe it was just an exclusive.