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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.0 EVEN MORE FEATURES

Welcome to Some more Star Citizen, we have lots of new update for Alpha 3.7, new features, progress, we’ll be talking about some of the harvestables you can loot as well as improvements to Arena Commander and Star Marine.

There has been some additions and progress to 3.7.0. We now know the patch is planned to go LIVE on the 10th of October. 3.7 is currently on Evocati and should be going to 1st wave PTU next week.

Roadmap Round Up

The Newly Revealed RSI Mantis is at 21/38 tasks complete and this is paired with 

Quantum Enforcement v1 it’s major gameplay mechanic that has been added here too with 45/52 tasks done.

The ability for players to interdict AI or player-piloted ships, pulling them out of Quantum Travel – This feature allows players to utilize a device, embedded in certain ships, to interdict AI or player-piloted ships. This Quantum Enforcement Device can create a Snare capable of knocking ships out of Quantum Travel, and a Dampening Field capable of preventing further Quantum Travel in the area.

The Roadmap Round up Refers to the Mantis and it’s QE Mechanic bein added during the 3.7 patch cycle, hopefully that will be at LIVE but what do you think?

The Banu Defender, Caves, and Ship Rentals have gone into polishing in preparation for the launch of the patch.

They have also added the MacFlex “Rucksack” Core Torso Armor that helps support harvesting gameplay.

The weapons team recently re-prioritized and shifted their weapons schedule around resulting in several changes across the Roadmap:

  • The Behring P6-LR Ballistic Sniper Rifle has moved up from 3.9 to 3.8.
  • The Klaus & Werner Sledge Mass Driver Revision has moved back from 3.8 to 3.9.
  • The Behring GP-33 Grenade Launcher has moved from 3.8 to 4.0.
  • The Verified Offworld Laser Technologies Parallax Assault Rifle has been temporarily removed from the Roadmap while they work out where it will land.

Harvestables 3.7

In Jump Point there was a list of some of the biological Harvestables in 3.7 that you’ll be collecting.

GOLDEN MEDMONS & PITAMBU which are edible flora.

REVENANT PODS – it’s pollen is a Component of Altrotoxin.

AMIOSHI PLAGUE – a lichen that rapidly spreads

PROTA – a mold used in glue

RANTA DUNG is from a large isopod-like crustacean, it contains a unique bacterial biome that is desired for research purposes.

Once 3.7 goes LIVE I’ll get a video up on the value of each of these.

Star Citizen Live: Arena Commander and Star Marine

Arena Commander & Star Marine  are more arcadey straight into the action gameplay focused modules for Star Citizen that will exist in conjunction with Star Citizen for Ships & FPS Respectively. Games within the Game.

This will be used to test and help balance ships, weapons, armor, gadgets, gear, AI and more for all Star Citizen.

They are trying to improve the experience for these modes, they want to make them easier to access for players and the whole system a bit smoother and more appealing, not getting dumped to lobby at the end of each match but still being able to adjust your loadout before the next one. We may see scenarios in the future too for both modes.

Arena Commander

They have rebalanced Pirate Swarm to be appropriate for novice to veteran players and across starter to high tier ships.

Pirate Swarm is now being changed to 10 waves for Alpha 3.7 & there are new ships.

They have increased the size of the Dying Star Map BUT need to rework Broken moon entirely.

The boundary is no longer an instant kill either, it has a timer associated with it.

Item Drops have been rebalanced to be more appropriate BUT you’ll see more ammo and repairs.

Wave 10 has a Hammerhead as a “boss” and after a while if you are having trouble with in 10 Merlin Wingmen spawn in to help you.

They have worked on a lobby system so players can multi-crew ships in AC, spawning in at particular positions.

They do want to add maps that cater for Atmospheric Flight in the future too.

FPS / Star Marine

FPS Scanning will be a thing but will be an active scan. You’ll be able to scan individual players to see more information about them, name, criminal rating…
Characters won’t just appear on your mini map unless you scan 

They want to have Bot Modes & Scenarios in Star Marine in the future this will be after they complete the required AI systems for SQ42. Things like swarm mode maybe ship boarding in the future too. 

Ships aren’t just ported straight over to SM as levels as they aren’t really balanced for that kind of gameplay as is.

The New Good Doctor SM Map was built with future AI Modes in mind. The map is situated on Leir II and based 100 years or so before the PU (current time), also they have to spawn in a full planet for the level, tho it’s mostly empty and it isn’t a strain on the server.

The Map itself is well light is a little bright, has large open areas and caters for fast action at what appears to be changing ranges over the map.

Jump Assist will be a thing, though Star Citizen will not be bunny hopping Source Engine Madness or Titanfall.

SATABall isn’t currently being worked on.

Medical Gameplay is a going to change the way Star Marine plays with healing and reviving.

This week’s Sneak Peek in the Newsletter was of the greycat multitool and some of it’s attachments. We are going to be using these to do the FPS Mining in 3.7 as well.