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October Channel Update

Welcome to some more Star Citizen & BoredGamer Channel Update.

It’s October Now and we are waiting on Alpha 3.7.0 to go to 1st Wave PTU which I would expect anytime between now and the weekend. This will allow Concierge and Subscribers to play the latest build along with Evocati BUT also for content, patch notes and video to be freely shared and commented on.

As soon as that goes up assuming I am away xD I’ll get up some gameplay of Caves & FPS Mining as well as a run down of all the new features as quick as I can.

I’ll try to do the basics over the next few weeks covering all the new gameplay as well as videos focused on:

A Full Tutorial with an update to my Start Here Star Citizen

Alpha 3.7 Quick Starts & Guides about individual mechanics

The Mantis & Quantum Enforcement

New Hover Mode

FPS Mining



Ship Rentals

Mission Sharing

Making aUEC Guide

Value of all the Harvestables and Mineables

How do you make Multi-Crew Fun?

Some require 3.7 to be live like a State of the Game

There are some videos certainly coming this week with Summaries of the Monthly Reports (This Thursday).

If you have anything specific you’d like me to cover or look at then please tell me in comments below.

Let’s talk about Giveaways – the Winner of September’s Giveaway with the Prize of Carrack donated by Ultra is 0-1 I AM BOXING! Congratulations.

Octobers Giveaway is going to be for an RSI Mantis the new Quantum Enforcement Ship that is going to be available in 3.7. All you need to do to be in for a chance of winning is comment on any of my videos during October, a random video is chosen then a random commenter from that video will be the winner, each video effectively gives you another chance to win but only 1 comment is counted from EACH video, more details in the description below.

I have teamed up with Asetek with another giveaway to offer a custom Asetek-powered All-in-One CPU Liquid Cooler with a unique RGB-enabled Bored Gamer logo on the pump cap. I mean, just the prestige of having my brand near your PC is clearly prize enough right?

Show your love for Bored Gamer and his Star Citizen content with a pretty unique Asetek-powered AIO CPU Liquid Cooler.

This came about because I (like many others) use Asetek radiators for my cooling solution and then they offered me a pump with my logo on it! WINNER! So full disclosure I am being paid in Radiator! This is also going to be used for my ThreadRipper or Ryzen 3950x build in the next couple of months.

Inside SC (CIGs premiere news show for Star Citizen) is on Break until 24th October which is a bit lame IMO… They go on a 3 week break around the time that a major patch launches.

I am hoping that after CitizenCon we will start to see more video content from CIG.

We have a lot of stuff happening between now and October 10th it seems too.

The “top” 16 most popular flyable ships are currently all available for purchase as part of theShip Showdown where every day you can vote on what flyable ships you like the most of 2 that are doing battle, there is going to be a ship champion crowned on the 10th of October and we should expect some interesting things in regards to that ship and the top 4. 

This could be special skins and loadouts, maybe they will get added to the ship customization system as a priority, maybe they will be free to fly?

The 10th of October is Star Citizen’s Announcement Anniversary.

It’s where Alpha 3.7 is pegged to go LIVE.

When the RSI Mantis should be on Sale.

And we could very well see other things, I am hoping for a video from CIG and maybe some other surprizes too. 

I have been mega tired recently but am doing ok other than that, zin who I am going to be employing soon has started showing me some of what she has learnt in adobe premiere… it’s significantly better than what I can do editing wise xD

Soon I shall be able to output more and better contents!

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