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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.0 State of the PTU

Star Citizen with a State of the PTU looking at the latest PTU Patch 3.7.0 i & j their patch notes, how playable does 3.7 look like it’s going to be? When are we getting the live Build, are your annoying bugs fixed, Should I start playing now? Let’s take a look!

Star Citizen 3.7.0 is in 1st Wave PTU (so concierge, subscribers & Evocati), but I would expect it to open up to wider PTU any time now.

It is still possible that Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 will have a live build for the 10th of October, failing that I would expect an Open PTU for all backers.

The patch doesn’t have the RSI Mantis Flyable by players, though it is being flown around by Devs. 

The PTU is extremely playable as well, there is an occasional server disconnect which needs to be fixed, a host of known issues BUT with those solved we should actually have Star Citizen in the best state it has ever been in in regards to PTU playability at least.

I would say the the Proximity Assist feature needs work as at the moment many ships can fly in atmosphere as if it’s space when close to the ground tho CIG have said they are reducing the power of thrusters further in atmosphere and are working towards getting the feature in a good state. We will have to wait and see and provide feedback.

The ability to rent ships, explore caves, make really good aUEC from looting harvestables & Multi-Tool Mining gives the Alpha a much needed content boost. The addition of mission sharing gives groups reasons & easier access to do missions together as well as more difficult mission to tackle as a group.

NPC & Asteroid Interdictions need to be relatively rare, they seem to be tweaking this at the moment from far too many interdictions to none during a Quantum Flight. 

The Current Testing Focus is on the:

  • Banu Defender
  • Caves, FPS mining, harvesting, and personal inventory
  • ATC crimestat restrictions
  • Ship rental system
  • Vanguard variants Harbinger & Sentinel
  • The Good Doctor Star Marine map
  • Proximity Assist and Manual VTOL
  • Pirate Swarm Updates
  • New ship weapon Kroneg FL series
  • New FPS weapon attachments
  • Character Customizer v2
  • Mission sharing, mission rewards, and AI service beacons updates

Over the last 2 updates for the PTU i & j they have added & fixed some things with:

  • Visual polish to Pacheco’s outfit.
  • Optimization pass on “The Good Doctor” Star Marine map.
  • Audio polish for caves.
  • Polish for hover bikes to reduce animation errors.
  • Numerous audio fixes for ships and ship weapons.
  • Updated the ping and passive scan behavior for finding mineable resources to be more consistent and predictable.
  • Corrected an issue causing ships to have inconsistent angular velocities.
  • Take off requests will now ignore criminal checks to avoid players becoming locked inside hangars.

Bug Fixes

  • VTOL engines should no longer be slightly angled downward on respawn.
  • The Caterpillar upper turret should no longer be missing its seat.
  • Fixed residual scan echo of already scanned mineable rocks.
  • Mineable rock distances markers should no longer turn to 0m and slide away after scanning.
  • The canopy collision for the Defender should no longer persist after ejection.
  • Fixed radio SFX for VOIP getting stuck on if the player leaves the party voice room.
  • Scan initiated and scan complete audio should now play at the correct time when mining.
  • The gatling gun audio should no longer get stuck on when it runs out of ammo.
  • The Reclaimers turret screens should work again.
  • Going prone with the female character should no longer cause the camera to twist.
  • AI ships should now have their QT jammers turned back on.
  • Changes made on the character customizer should now appear in the PU.
  • The Freelancer DUR should no longer float of the pad.
  • Players should correctly connect to proximity voip when loading into the PU.
  • Scroll wheel speed input change should no longer be active when using the mobiGlas.
  • Fixed 3 server crashes & 6 client crashes.

The Patch still has a load of known issues, more so than a normal PTU Patch, this is because CIG have altered the way we report known issues so that the list is more in depth than before, which should mean most of the actual issues are listed here.

These currently are:

  • VOIP will not transmit to players less than 200 meters away.
  • Renting many ships in succession can cause the kiosk to time out.
  • The Mustang Gamma and Omega will overheat when starting the quantum drive.
  • Equipping any of the new Kroneg weapons onto a ship will negatively affect the ship’s pitch and roll speed.
  • Snoopy cap appears in hair style options on the character customizer.
  • P-72’s ship description contains placeholder text.
  • In Star Marine’s Demien Comms enemy indicators can sometimes be seen through walls.
  • There’s a chance a vehicle will become unresponsive after quantum travel.
  • CRU-L5 is obstructed from most directions.
  • The Freelancer MIS bounces on the pad when spawned.
  • Darneely uses the wrong audio dialogue when offering a mission.
  • NPC beacons will sometimes display an incorrect distance.
  • Players can not complete the Clovus downed satellite counter mission after killing the opposing player when they are in possession of the computer blade.
  • “Maintenance” mission objective boxes vanish when they are picked up and dropped.
  • The video feed for ATC is currently blank.
  • AI ships traveling along a route will often get stuck.
  • Attempting to quantum travel to destinations from orbit of ArcCorp or its moons may result in the player colliding with the surface.
  • Ships can spin excessively out of control when their wing is clipped.
  • Landing illegally and having your ship despawn while a mission box is inside will break mission progress.
  • Players in the same ship may see the ship in different locations.
  • The textures on the Reclaimer’s main turret are incorrect.
  • There’s a large rectangular area missing from the surface of Daymar around one of the caves.
  • Multiple scope crosshairs are off center when viewed in ADS.
  • Corpses at derelicts are hidden under objects or hull.
  • Players may crash when loading into the industrial hangar.
  • Players may crash when changing hair back to original when using the character customizer.
  • Ships may display as rented if the player exits to title while a claim is in progress.
  • The reformation distortion scattergun currently has a blue light texture issue.
  • The default hair may be present under other hairstyles.

I am really liking the outlining of what they are focusing on fixing for the patch like this.

Also if you had a annoying issue with 3.6, like a mission giver not working or cargo falling through the floor, the hope is that these should actually be fixed with 3.7 LIVE.

It might be worth people waiting for the LIVE build if they have a slow connection or data limits imo, though you can probably copy the PTU into your live folder when it goes to live…

The only thing missing for me if they can get the rest of these fixes in is Persistence of aUEC & Purchases in game… It’s not a 3.7 feature BUT they have been working on it and I think it could potentially land in 3.8 at the end of the year. 3.7 looking to be extremely playable it’s worth checking out even in it’s PTU form BUT if you need more permanent progression than a reset every 3 months then wait a bit longer.