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New Star System Leaks & 3.7 Economy Problems

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, looking at Economy Issues in 3.7, a new PTU Patch pushing towards LIVE, a leak that helps confirm what we expected at CitizenCon and more News besides!

Economy Issues in 3.7 – There were some issues in the 3.7.0 PTU with trade and cargo running. Basically the profit was incredibly low BUT still had a good amount of risk to the gameplay loop. Jack Axton on Spectrum pointed out that this is a change from 3.6 and in fact close to reverting to 3.5… and that cargo running is not viable in 3.7s PTU in its current state due to the terrible profits. CIG have responded:

“As you pointed out, the prices in this 3.7 aren’t just close to 3.5 prices, they’re exactly 3.5 prices. Due to an oversight, old values for trade routes were added over the values set in 3.6 when we added new inventory for the hand-minable items. We’ve already taken measures to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again in the future.

Citizens, rejoice! 3.6 prices will be restored as soon as possible. Your diligence is very much appreciated, and your commitment is exactly what makes Star Citizen great!”

It’s great they are addressing the issue as I want to see cargo hauling in the game as it also provides opportunities to respond to distress signals, provides work for escorts and for pirates wanting to ambush people, especially with the Mantis and Quantum Interdiction coming with the patch too. HOWEVER, I hope they do a quick economy pass too, changing some of the prices so that we have more hotspots like with the original jump town.

CIG have released 3.7.0L to the PTU and as with the last update it’s available to everyone with a game package (Open PTU).  There were some Updates in the Patch:

  • Corrected an issue with missile velocity that caused them to have the wrong scaling. Smaller missiles should now travel faster than larger ones, generally.
  • Balance update for the Defender’s default shield.
  • The review pose on the character customizer should no longer cause a position offset on the target head.
  • CRU-L5 should no longer be obstructed from most directions.
  • Fixed missing collision above the cockpit of the Defender that allowed players to enter the ship.
  • Having a turret gunner should no longer break targeting for the pilot.
  • Players should no longer get stuck if they rapidly pick up items.
  • Hurston assassination missions should no longer have Hurston security as a target.
  • Fixed 2 server & 2 client crashes.

The main focus though is that they are addressing the Known Issues and have reduced a list of 24 major issues to 10, those being:

  • Corpses in caves may not be interactable.
  • Snoopy cap appears in hair style options on the character customizer.
  • In Star Marine’s Demien Comms enemy indicators can sometimes be seen through walls.
  • Darneely uses the wrong audio dialogue when offering a mission.
  • AI ships can get stuck and not continue on their route.
  • NPC beacons will sometimes display an incorrect distance.
  • Attempting to quantum travel to destinations from orbit of ArcCorp or its moons may result in the player colliding with the surface.
  • Ships can spin excessively out of control if their wing is clipped.
  • Landing illegally and having your ship despawn while a mission box is inside will break mission progress.
  • The default hair may be present under other hairstyles.


There has also been more leaks confirming what we had supposed in February of this year.

That the Pyro System appears to be the next System we will have in game it looks like it will be shown at CitizenCon. The leak was datamined from gamefiles.

It lists the Stanton to Pyro Jump Point, the planets Pyro 1 – 6 as locations as well as Ruin Station, the 6 moons of Pyro 5.

A couple of other things here are Gainey being listed which is Odin 1a a moon that was shown in SQ42 Vertical Slice & a location known as Zsigmond Station

Luke Pressley Recently confirmed that AI are getting some work that will be in our hand real soon.

This also makes sense of why they haven’t already pushed out Green Zones replacing Armistice Zones. They need security forces to be able to enforce station security and potentially NPCs to attack stations too, but also this addition should see missions with AI being more involved in combined arms and using POI as parts of a mission more readily.

Buy Back Tokens were refreshed, these allow you to purchase previously melted ships with store credit and you can do this once every 3 months, these get refreshed at the start of January, April, July & October.

Top 4 Flyable Ship Showdown Ships are confirmed at Cutlass Black, Caterpillar, Reclaimer & Hammerhead – It also looks like either the Caterpillar or Reclaimer will be crowned the Champion of this “popularity” contest on the 10th of October.