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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.0 Open PTU

Star Citizen 3.7.0 out to Open PTU meaning that all backers with game package are able to participate. The 10th of October for a LIVE build looks more likely now because of that BUT there are a good amount of known issues & we have yet to have the Mantis and Quantum Enforcement in players hands… I say that because the devs are flying around with the Mantis in servers just not players.

There was a new Patch deployed 3.7.0k along with the PTU Opening Up that had a few changes.


  • Lorville and Area18 will now restrict access to anyone with a crimestat, one or higher. Port Olisar will now up to wanted level 3.
  • Set the arrival radius for NPC service beacons to be closer.
  • Adjusted the mass of the Defender slightly.

Bug Fixes

  • FOIP animations should correctly play even when the player isn’t audio transmitting.
  • Scanning using the multi-tool should now work correctly after an instance crash recovery.
  • Surface harvestables should no longer overlap with rocks.
  • Maintenance mission boxes should no longer vanish when dropped.
  • Cruise control should now hold the ship’s speed when the pilot leaves the seat.
  • Caves on Daymar and Hurston should no longer fail to update their mission objectives upon arrival.
  • Scavengable items around cave corpses should no longer vanish when the mission ends.
  • Pirate environmental spawns should no longer be fighting one another.
  • UEC amount in the kiosk should no longer be cut off at higher numbers.
  • Reverb effects should no longer be applied outside or caves.
  • Commodity name text should no longer be cut off in the kiosk.
  • Services (shopping, claims, ect) should no longer deadlock and stop responding.
  • Fixed 3 server crashes & 2 client crashes.

They fixed some of the known issues and added a couple to the list:

  • Quantum linking and spline jumping around a planet may teleport or more of the players into map origin or cause a crash. W/A: Do not use quantum linking.
  • Players in the same ship may see the ship in different locations
  • Other than that there are 22 other major known issues that CIG are trying to work through and I would expect 2 – 3 builds over the next couple of days trying to address these issues.

The Patch is really shaping up, ships continuing to move in CC when the pilot leaves the seat is a fantastic fix.

AI seem to be in a better state than they have for a long time here too.

I am expecting a variety of things to happen this Thursday the 10th, the Mantis to go on sale, 3.7 to go LIVE, there to be a flyable ships sale, maybe a freeflight with the top 4 ships from the Ship Showdown. We could potentially have some additional content from CIG like some form of video and there is even the possibility of another straight to flyable ship or vehicle.

But what do you think, will we have 3.7 LIVE on the 10th? Think there is some else special planned for that date too or another ship/vehicle? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.