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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 | DON’T BUY SHIPS RENT THEM!

Star Citizen with a quick guide to Ship Rentals in Alpha 3.7.

Ships can be rented at 2 Different Kiosk Points in the Game:
Vantage Rentals at Teasa Spaceport at Lorville on Hurston
Traveller Rentals at Riker Memorial Spaceport at Area 18 on ArcCorp

Players can rent ships for 1,3,7 or 30 days at a time

Rented ships are considered owned by the player during the rental period and can be customized with equipment and reclaimed via the insurance system.

You can see the time Remaining on any given rental in the mobiGlas and on an ASOP Terminal.

What Prices & What Can You Rent
Ships are roughly 2 – 3% of their total aUEC BUY value per day of rental and cheaper the more days you rent them, falling to around 1.25% per day if you rent for 30 days.

At Lorville’s Vantage Rentals, You can find the
Vanguard Warden – 102k aUec for 1 day
Razor – 53k
600i – 284k
M50 – 36k

At Area 18 Traveller Rentals You can find the
Mustang Gamma – 19k
300i – 23k
Nox – 10.5k

However there are also a lot Available at Both
Avenger Titan – 16k
Anvil Arrow – 20k
Mustang Alpha – 5k
Cutlass Black – 28k
Dragonfly 5k
Freelancer 34k
Prospector 41k
Aurora ES 2.5k
Connie Andromeda 71k
Cyclone – 561 (yeah just 561)

The Viability of renting ships and vehicles is really great at these prices, you can earn up to 33k aUEC for a full backpack of hand mined ore in game and renting ships like the Prospector will let you leverage the power of it’s Mining Mechanics to make more aUEc, Cutlass Black you can do some cargo hauling, the Arrow will let you plough through some of the combat missions.

There are lots of missions available to you whatever ship you have and they will allow you to make good bank giving you access to the rental you want typically in less than a couple of hours.

HOWEVER – Not all ships are available to rent, with various ships including rare, alien and larger ships not being available to rent in the 3.7.0k PTU at least currently.

However those ships are available to buy in game, Purchasing of Ships & Vehicles can be done at 3 locations:

Teaches at Levski on Delamar

New Deal at the Space Port at Lorville, Hurston

Astro Armada at Area 18 ArcCorp

With the extremely expensive ships like the Reclaimer at 15million aUEC, the Hammerhead at 12.5million.

But you can also grab pretty much every other flyable ship in game in the ship shops, Gladius, Eclipse, Sabre, Starfarers.

If your ship is available to rent then that is by far the best way to experience it IMO as currently buying ships in game will still be reset with every major patch currently UNTIL they add aUEC & Purchase Persistence, admittedly that could be as soon at 3.8 if we are lucky, we will have to wait and see.

Even then there are ships like the 890 that are not available currently in game to buy or rent. This should change in the future BUT it also begs the question when will will get them? Will new ships that are put into the game like the RSI Mantis take a bit of time before they are available to buy or rent in game?