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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 Ship Sales & New Mission Leaks

Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.0 has just gone LIVE and there are some ships on Sale.
We also take a look at some New Mission Leaks.

The New Flyable Ships in Alpha 3.7.0 are all available to buy.

The Banu Defender is available from $185 warbond / $220 store credit.

The Vanguard Variant Harbinger is $280 warbond, the Sentinel $265 with store credit they are $10 more.

The RSI Mantis from $135 warbond  / $150 store credit, in fact you can upgrade an Aurora to a Mantis at a discount as some form of loyalty Promotion, that actually gives LTI to the ship as well. So some people may consider upgrading an Aurora in an old Gamepackage to an Mantis and get LTI as well.

Completing Pirate Swarm now enables you to purchase a Gladius Pirate Variant as well the Pirate Caterpillar.

The Caterpillar was crowned Champion of the Ship Showdown and we were given a little teaser of Jax Mccleary who is the Space version of Jermey Clarkson on Top Gear, appearing during the Anvil Anniversary Expo and CitizenCon on the 23rd of November.

In fact they said a bit more on what we can expect from the top 4 most popular flyable ships those being the Cutlass Black, Reclaimer, Hammerhead & Caterpillar – “While the top dog will secure for itself exclusive accouterments befitting a champion, all four ships that made it into the Semi-Finals will be given the “best in show” treatment at this year’s upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Exposition and treated to their own specialized appurtenance.

I would expect that to be accessories or extras, like skins and loadouts similar to the master of flight series from a while back.

Intrigued? Then we’ll see you at the Expo in November, where all will be revealed, and you’ll get a taste of the latest and greatest from nearly every manufacturer in the ‘verse. From old favorites to new surprises, keep the party going at IAE 2949.”

There was additional data mined from the last 2 PTU Builds 3.7.0 m & n 

Star Map data for various star systems is being added to the game, I expect for lore & star map update purposes, but also some jump points listed for the Stanton System.

A Couple of WIP Missions for the PU were found

An 890 Jump Hijacking which is supposedly an FPS mission at least in part.

And a Counterfeiting Mission

There was even some bits on melee attacks, take downs, melee dodging, blocking, comboing, knock downs & melee weapons. It seems that the melee system is a little more complex than I had expected, hopefully it will work well when it’s in our hands, which is currently planned for 3.8 at the end of the year.

BUT I expect that some of this datamined info will be shown at CitizenCon. We are expecting Pyro a new system to be shown but other missions and hints at other areas are also likely. Melee is certainly something they could show too.

For Concierge Backers (accounts that have spent over $1000) they have made some updates to the Chairman’s Club Range an updated webpage with FAQ, an exclusive Concierge store with new Chairman’s Club branded merchandise, and a new customer service interface as well as an new Chairman’s Club rank, “the ever dependable, if brazenly unpredictable, station of Praetorian. Members of this rank will enjoy the rewards formerly only associated with the rank of Legatus Navium. 

While Legatus Navium also will receive a newly conceived, extremely limited 600i Executive Edition.  So a “free” ship for those backers that have spent silly money on supporting the game, in dark grey and gold… I actually quite like the skin.

Legatus Navium was a rank for people that spent $25k on the game and Praetorian is $15k… I wish I had that much spare cash to splurge on virtual ships… Madness! They are effectively making the rewards more accessible though moving them down a tier and adding more… it’s still silly though.