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Alpha 3.7.0 Harvesting Guide

Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 has new ways & the mechanics of making aUEC (the in game currency) that you can use to buy & rent ships and gear in game that is not gated by what ship you have. This is a quick start guide for Making Money in 3.7 with Harvestables, Mineables & Caves and how the mechanics work.


Surfaces of planets, moons & caves are full of harvestables & Mineables which you can place in your personal inventory by interacting with them. 

Your inventory size is defined by your armor (which is based on the amount of pockets they have) and there even have a high capacity backpack armor the

MacFlex “Rucksack” Core, is now available at Garrity Defense Port Olisar as well as on Levski, Area18, and at Lorville for around 3000 aUEC. 

Press I or Hold F and interact with the white dot in the lower portion of your hud to access your Inventory.

You can sell straight from your inventory to Commodity Kiosks, you can also place your inventory in the cargo grid of a ship from the inventory screen and the kiosk will pick up the box from your ship.


Caves are currently situated on Daymar, Hurston, and Aberdeen.

Missions can give you their locations & then you can fly to the nearest outpost by them.

Caves are dark your Flashlight is bound to T.

Flares can be bought at weapon shops including LIVE FireWeapons at PO, these provide very good light in caves, you need to place them in your utility slot, pull them out with 4 and then interact with them with F. You can drop them and pick them back up.


There are also small mineable nodes that can be found in caves, on planets surfaces (in clusters) and by (Prospector) mineable asteroids.

They are signified by an ore vein in or gem on the rock, sometimes this can be pretty subtle in the darkness of a cave, shine your light or flare to see, there are typically quite a lot of mineables in a cave.

These require you to use a Multi-Tool & Ore Mining Attachment can be found at Area18, Lorville, and Levski

To Mine with the multitool equip it in your utility slot in the mobiGlas Loadout Manager and attach the ore attachment.

Pull it out by pressing 4

Aim Down Sights to scan a mineable node

It will tell you the details of that rock, showing resistance, instability, Mass & what gem is there.

Higher Resistance (measured from 0 – 1) means the rock will take more power and typically longer to mine.

Instability is closer to indicating difficulty making it harder to maintain balanced power but can also have smaller green areas.

More mass means more goodies.

While still ADS,  left click to start mining, an energy beam will start fracturing the rock.

Your Power throttle is shown in the centre of the HUD, use mouse wheel to adjust this.

To the left of this you can see a bar with Green and Red Zones. 

You want to add power to the laser to get the indicator in the green zone until it’s fully charged. Going into the red zone for too long will cause the rock to explode and not leave loot.

You can get closer to the rock to put more power in and you can move the laser off the rock to prevent it going into the red, there is a little bit of lag with putting power in and adjusting power. I typically put lots of power in to see how quickly it moves the indidicatior, when it’s close to the green I adjust it down and then move the laser off the rock and quickly back on as I refine my setting.


Once completed you’ll be able to pick up valuable gems straight to your backpack

Dolivine is the Green Gem – 130 aUEC

Aphorite is the Purple Gem – 153 aUEC

Hadanite is the Pink Gem – 275 aUEC

There are Harvestables that you can just pick up without a mining tool as well, those being

Ranta Dung that sell for 44 aUEC & Amioshi Plague 13 aUEC which are just on the ground.


Find Caves by taking Missing Person Missions, you might as well complete these missions at the same time for extra money. These will appear as available missions when you are near Daymar, Hurston, and Aberdeen.

The clusters and large mineable asteroids can be detected by the Prospector.

Mining the Larger Asteroids with the Prospector will destroy any smaller mineable nodes on it, so FPS mine them first.

More caves will be added to planets and moons as well as More types of Harvestables and Mineables are planned for Star Citizen, we know that fruit trees and bushes are coming very soon but are not yet included in Alpha 3.7

A Full Rucksack full of Hardanite is worth 33k aUEC