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Prisons & Asteroid Bases Soon?

I wanted to talk about Star Citizen’s Evolving Law System and some information I’ve heard rumored about Prisons and Jails coming to the game CIG seem to be working on Prisons Currently, which could mean they are in the game for 3.8 / 3.9 with further expansions to the Law System.

Caves have just been added to Star Citizen Alpha 3.7, they use modular sections, corridors and areas that are generated with additional variations in each of these rooms that allow for an unlimited amount of setups. This is currently only used on a few of the moons in the PU currently but will expand out to more.

The Procedural Generation of these caves does not mean that they are random or different every time a player visits. They are generated by the devs and once they have a setup they like they add it to the game in a specific spot.

They plan to more types of cave too from icy, to humid, to whatever other biomes that caves could potentially be situated in the future.

That is not the extent of the tech tho, it’s used for Space Station’s as well, and we are should see the new interiors of these married to the larger cooler exteriors in Alpha 3.8.

Moreover this style of modular parts to create POI is also being used to create areas in the Coil / Nebula / Pockets in Vast Gas Clouds to Explore.

Star Citizen Devs are combining Cave Tech with some additional assets to create prisons & prison Gameplay for Persistent Universe. More specifically they said:

This seems like an odd things, this would suggest prisons will be on planets and moons and built into caves which is certainly possible and could be combined with an external and internal facilities.

Maybe this choice is to have a particular type of prison that’s been built into an excavated old mine or quarry, in fact we are likely to see variation in prisons from one area to another so it could just be the first prison we see is going to be integrated into caves.

However I think there is another explanation here as well. Asteroid Prisons.

CIG had previously built asteroid hangars, Levski is effectively built into a larger asteroid, GrimHex again basically a big asteroid with some internal and external structures.

Caves make sense to be able to be integrated with Asteroids to make whole new POI, Prisons, Pirate Bases, Mining Facilities, Trading Posts, Asteroid Hangars and other POI besides. It makes sense that CIG will be try to make as many POI as possible and reuse as many assets & tech as is sensible.

Prison is supposed to be a Punishment for players that have a high criminal rating when they get captured or die. The specifics haven’t been discussed just some statements of intention and ideas they have.

We know that Fines will need to be paid at specific kiosks based in the jurisdictions you violated a crime and I would expect that if you do not pay your fees in time that could be prison time too or at least a criminal rating.

I would expect to see 1 Prison Per “Lawful / UEE” System BUT none in the more wild west / lawless star systems in the game in the future. 

There is going to be Prison Gameplay, I’d expect them to require goods, so you’d have players supplying and trading there.

For The Prisoners there should be things to do there, ways to pay off your sentence, potentially make contacts, do missions and even break out. These Missions like break outs could be tied to other players helping from the outside, you might have to get an NPC out or hunt down an escapee.

I think what could hold this back is NPCs and AI which is likely necessary for Prisons and prison centric punishments. CIG have been working on Social & Combat AI and we should start seeing dividends of that in the near future, it’s also possible that locations like this can be added as just POI. We did hear leaks on 2 missions that CIG were working on recently as well, one to rescue the survivors of a pirate attack aboard an 890 Jump and a mission to take out guards at a wreck site, this I am hoping is an indicator that FPS AI & NPCs are going to be a bit more involved in the Universe and as opponents.

What I feel is needed for Prisons is more gameplay for Criminal, Pirates and Bounty Hunters. The RSI Mantis goes a step towards this BUT we need to be able to sell stolen ships, unload all the cargo from a boarded ship onto another, attack NPC cargo haulers and convoys, gear up the risk to reward that makes being a criminal a choice with viable gameplay BUT has big risks that help prevent griefing.

This added gameplay should also help promote escorts, larger battles, hotspots, bounty hunting & more.