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CitizenCon Leaks & Star Citizen 3.7.1 Updates

Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.1b is on the PTU it both had some awesome fixes for the Game and the Patch had a lot of data mined leaks which I suspect we will see at CitizenCon AND/OR for Alpha 3.8. I’ll link you the original Reddit Post from  SniperNLN below.

They have a new transit route on ArcCorp for the Bus, the Bevic Convention Centre and this is where the in game event is expected to be held for CitizenCon & The Anniversary Expo. 

More on Melee which appears to have melee armed and unarmed combat, dodging, blocking, uppercuts, directional attacks, light, heavy & more.

It also looks like they are at least on their end experimenting with removing armistice zones… as there were crimes listed for brandishing and discharging a weapon in an armistice zone.

There are mentions of some goggle and glass eyewear, various types of drinks available from bars. 

There are new emotes, facepalms, quick drawing, dancing, demands for payment, shielding your eyes & various surrenders.

The GP-33 Grenade Launcher is mentioned. It can hold 6 40mm grenades and can be set to detonate on impact of with a timer. There is also a load of grenades here, I am not sure if they are ammo for the Launcher OR throwables OR Both, I would actually expect as both.

There are scanning / radar grenades

Decoy grenades

Grenades to displace you in low gravity

EMP Grenades


There is also mention of Cluster Rockets

It looks like we may see the fine kiosks in Alpha 3.8 too, this will be where you pay off your fines from typically smaller crimes, failure to do this in a certain amount of time could result in late fees, a crime rating and bounty hunters coming after you.

There are a load of new missions, eliminate pirates at an outpost, 2 missions at Covalex one to collect & plant explosives and another to search and clear explosives (via listening to cargo boxes?),

Have you thought about how you would make money if you didn’t have a ship, you lost all your aUEC and you have to wait an hour before you get your ship back well there are some new missions for that too.

As I said earlier Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.1b is on the OPEN PTU and as I hoped they are trying to fix the remaining major issues with the 3.7 branch before pushing it out to LIVE.

  • Most majorly they have Fixed the issue where claiming destroyed ships was causing them to spawn without components.
  • Added the AI Cutlass back into PU mission waves, so you’ll see enemies use it again.
  • They Changed size 1 weapons on all AI turrets on Stations & Bunkers to size 4 Attritions. This means that they are significantly more dangerous & as long as bunker turrets are destructible in the LIVE patch then this might be quite cool (maybe a size reduction to bunkers?), though they need to add overheating, power and proper targeting to them, I don’t want the turrets to try and target me through terrain and fire… constantly.
  • Fixed an issue in the Mantis where interdictions were shown at far away distances if other players were interdicted by AI.
  • Fixed an issue with startup/shutdown sounds on some ships being abruptly cut off.
  • Fixed some ships playing engine shutdown sounds when entering quantum travel.
  • Fixed the Aegis Gladius Pirate not appearing in the PU and Arena Commander, though I still couldn’t spawn it in the PU when I tried.
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple locations in caves to show outside light.

There are much fewer Known Issues now

  • Some accounts may experience an infinite load screen for Arena Commander.
  • The Banu Defender is unable to refuel at compatible stations & it’ster cockpit doors may not open.
  • The multi-tool and flare use the same armor utility slot.
  • Turning on scan mode in the Mantis will cancel the quantum snare.
  • Duplicate ship components appear in the VMA and when equipped often do not function.
  • Ships may become unresponsive when exiting quantum travel.
  • Quantum travel marker does not update correctly when staying aligned to it after quantum travel.
  • The quantum travel HUD will be lost of the player exits the seat during travel.

I am looking forward to 3.7.1 LIVE as it looks like it is addressing my issues with 3.7, the Quantum Travel problems are really the most important to fix now.