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Mark Hamill Says Squadron 42 2020 Release

Welcome to some more Star Citizen today looking at, Did Mark Hamill just leak that Squadron 42 is releasing next year? We also take a look at a very playable build for Alpha 3.7.1, Does Fruit exist in game? More CitizenCon Details, BarCitizen Tickets & Inside Star Citizen is back!

Mark Hamill who plays Steve Oldman Colton has tweeted in response to someone that said:

Ive been frantically emailing Mark Hamill all day trying to get tech support for Wing Commander 4 but apparently he’s all MISTER STAR WARS now and has no time for games.

Obviously that was a joke BUT Mark did respond with I re-teamed with Chris Roberts for a New Game “Squadron 54” to be released next year.

Following the twitter thread mark does then say he got the number wrong, it is obviously Squadron 42 BUT does this mean that Squadron 42 Episode 1 is planned to come out next year? And is my dream of getting a firm release date at CitizenCon becoming more of a reality. It could be just an expectation from Mark or Plain Incorrect too BUT I suppose we are likely to find out at CitizenCon this year!

There is a new OPEN PTU PATCH 3.7.1d. The patch is really ploughing through bugs and getting fixes for the most problematic accessibility issues for gameplay. With recently updates being: 

  • Raised the health on some of the Defender’s parts.
  • The comms direct call video feed should now hide properly when switching channels on the mobiGlas.
  • Reliant series ramps should no longer get stuck shut.
  • Fixed an issue where the created character was not initially shown on the customization screen after exiting from the game.
  • The UI sliders on the character customizer should now work correctly after selecting hair options.
  • Fixed for pitch ladder, starmap, and QT markers being broken in ultra-wide aspect ratios, ultra wide and non standard aspect ratios should work much better.
  • Fixed a client crash.

There are 5 Known Issues still listed for the patch:

  • Quantum travel marker does not update correctly when staying aligned to it after quantum travel.
  • The quantum travel HUD will be lost of the player exits the seat during travel.
  • CRU-L5 is currently missing.
  • Refueling may get stuck in a loop at full and prevent repair/rearm. W/A: Do each service one at a time with refuel last.
  • The Defender’s Tachyon cannons are not landing hits correctly on moving targets

The Current Testing focus for the patch is General gameplay & Bug regression and the 3.7.1d patch is very close to being a release candidate to live, once those last 5 known issues are fixed. And any other bugs / QoL they can get fixed that isn’t listed as well.

We should have 3.7.1 LIVE very very soon.

There has been talk about are other harvestables actually in game currently beyond the Mineables, Dung & Amoshi Plague BUT there are now some videos of players finding Golden Medmons & Fruit on trees at least in Alpha 3.7.1 in the Savannah Biomes on Hurston. Fruit Confirmed!

CitizenCon BarCitizen Tickets

There are some BarCitizen Tickets for the 22nd of November for a CitizenCon (Day before) Pre-Party I suppose. There are 450 tickets available for £25 Each (plus any VAT) for the event. The event itself is from 6:00 pm to 12:30 (local time) in Manchester City Centre at the Impossible! Venue.

Tickets go on sale on the 23rd of October at 6pm & 10pm UTC in batches for 225.

It also appears that we should have some more info on CitizenCon as well on the 23rd of October, it looks like we should have a pre-sale on CitizenCon Merch for CitizenCon Ticket Holders, What Community Booths are going to be there AND the Schedule for CitizenCon and it’s Panels (which I am very much looking forward to).

Weekly Schedule

Inside Star Citizen returns on Thursday. This week’s episode will highlight work on modular space station interiors, food courts, and annunciator panels, and more.

Star Citizen LIVE This Friday at 3 pm UTC we’ll be joined by Cory Bamford from the SC Props Team in a Gamedev feature that explores the process of creating a noodle-tastic asset for the Persistent Universe.