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Mysterious Radio Signals in Star Citizen 3.7.1

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, Alpha 3.7.1 on the PTU has given us a huge amount of leaks and info BUT there are also strange radio broadcasts happening in game in the Verse.

At first I thought it was an open Youtube Window or someone on VOIP but there are around 6 separate audio broadcasts that appear to be teasing or warning something.

Let me play you the audio which can be heard from the ASOP Terminals Around PO but also in the memorial hall/CBD at Lorville if you hang around and listen for a while.

From what I can hear between the static is

In one … Your attention people of Stanton, a great injustice was committed

Another … pain, death, darkness

There are people on the SC Reddit having a look to see if it’s part of an ARG and looking at the frequency of the audio and things like that. I wanted to go briefly over some of the theories and some of my thoughts on what this could be.

Some People think it’s the prelude to the destruction and replacement of Port Olisar, the default spawning zone for new players.

This Legacy Space Station is supposed to be replaced with the new Station and Cargo Station Tech and assets at some point in the near future.

And Some people have suggested we are going to start seeing Vanduul incursions & that Port Olisar will get blown up then replaced.

I think it could be the addition of new Missions though & building the lore of the Stanton System which does house pirates, outlaws, private security and lawful folks alike.

We have seen leaks for various new missions, an 890 Jump being hijacked by what appear to be pirates for an FPS Mission is what comes to mind but there are also missions for repairing stations, restocking vending machines and finding a counterfeiting station for some.

It has been heavily hinted that Pyro will be the next star system we see from CIG and in the Star Citizen Universe and that may be shown at CitizenCon. So it’s very possible that the “transmission” could be from Pyro or something that teases it.

It is however possible, it’s just a hack from GrimHex or Levski and it doesn’t really mean much at all.

We might have a lot of teasers and world building things like this in the future, something that I very much hope we do. I’d like to see things like this in the Verse, maybe that indicate missions are available or that there are hidden locations.