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Unofficial Pre-CitizenCon Meetup – BrewDog Manchester

On Friday the 22nd of November in Manchester from 12:00 midday we (ANYONE that wants to) are starting to meetup at Manchester BrewDog we plan to use this as a general rallying point for anyone that is about, bored or gets lost, they serve food, drink and have a high capacity.

It is also within seconds of Impossible! The venue for the Official Pre-CitizenCon Bar Citizen which is at 6pm on November 22nd and is a NOW SOLD OUT TICKETED EVENT.
You Can Print Your Bar Citizen & CitizenCon Tickets from HERE

During the Day we will be hanging around BrewDog and a couple of other bars that are very close by, based on your drinks and food requirements.
At 6pm those with Bar Citizen Tickets can go to Impossible!
Those without tickets are able to go across the road to Peaky Blinders which has a huge capacity and are happy to assist with the overflow of Citizens.

Peaky Blinders are opening their top floor bar & balcony for us exclusively as well (in the evening), if you can show your CitizenCon Ticket (not Bar Citizen Ticket) to the staff there, they will allow you in or I am sure someone else with a ticket can let you up BUT I would expect people to be spread around and not just upstairs.

As I said I understand people might want different food and drink or a bit of a change of scenery during the day and again within a few seconds of Impossible, BrewDog & each other, there are some other bars that I would like to recommend & give the info for:

BrewDog –

Peaky Blinders –

Kiely’s Irish Bar –

Impossible! (during the day is also available to all)


These venues are suitable as an overflow for people that don’t have Official Bar Citizen tickets for Impossible! at 6pm, though the recommend place is Peaky Blinders from 6pm onwards.