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BoredGamer Star Citizen & Channel Update November

Welcome to some more Star Citizen and a BoredGamer Channel Update as we move into November, the month of CitizenCon, a slow starting month but then likely to be the busiest of the year for myself, the channel and Star Citizen.

October’s Giveaway Winner was RanshackGaming Congratulations, they have won a Carrack.

The New Giveaway for November is for a Cutlass Black & GamePackage.

I am clearing out the last of my ships that I had planned for giveaways before buying a load of new stuff at CitizenCon & the Anniversary Sale.

With that in mind I am prepping for CitizenCon, there is CitizenCon Merch you can pre-order on the CIG Website atm. There are 3 T-Shirts & a shirt available the shirt and 1 of the 1 shirts are a mystery tho… which is an interesting choice WHEN BUYING CLOTHES.

Whatever far-flung corner of the galaxy you find yourself in, you’ll always enjoy the warm feeling of home as you explore the further reaches of comfort and style in this button-down shirt. 

Heed the call of distant stars and bravely probe the far corners of the universe, while also exploring the further reaches of comfort and style.

The designs will be revealed at CitizenCon 2949.

CitizenCon seems very focused on exploration this year.

I am going to CitizenCon kind of as press this year, though I have entirely bought my own CitizenCon tickets, hotel, travel… well I say I have, it’s been mostly donations during LiveStreams.

I have a thread in my Discord and the community section of my Youtube where you can post any ideas or questions you’d like me to ask of devs while I am there.

I am extremely excited for CitizenCon this year, I am going down the day before and from midday on Friday I should be around BrewDog Manchester, we have arranged that as a venue for people to turn up and chill through the day, at 6pm I’ll be going to the Impossible! Official Bar Citizen. I’ll link the details of that down below.

There is a FreeFly Currently on allowing players to try out the Cutlass Black, Aurora MR, Mustang Alpha, Avenger Titan & Banu Defender entirely for free. It’s a good chance to checkout what Star Citizen has to offer to-date and try out a cross-section of ships.

There are discount packages available for new players too

Me and SaltEMike have started a Youtube Series of us starting out with Starter Ships, I love the Mustang Alpha, him with the Aurora MR we are going to be showcasing what Star Citizen has to offer effectively in a multiplayer let’s play.

There are going to be polls to help influence what we do, do we rent a multi-crew ship or both rent Arrows and do bounty missions, do we go outlaw? We are planning to show both sides of counter missions too.

There were some Star Citizen Stats that came out in an infographic with data on 2019 so far. The Aurora & Cutlass Black are the most flown ships. The Arrow has the most confirmed kills. In order of most unique players the most active countries are: US, Germany, France, UK, Canada,Australia then Russia.

This week’s SCL is focusing on Early Ship Concepts, which might be interesting.

ISC had a preview of Close Combat, Force Reactions & The Things We’ve Seen?! Which I have no idea what that is.

I am on Holiday for the week coming up, going to a BoardGames Convention then up to Nottingham to Center Parcs for a Private LAN and couch co-op games.

There is going to be a few days of disruption on my Channel. 

I’ll try to get a few videos ready to go though that I can release while I am away.

Zin who should be starting to work with me at somepoint is going to be there and we will continue to discuss her contract… while drinking wine… and playing board games. Currently she is sorting out her pension.

There is New Shadow Hardware & PC Options available. 

Shadow provide access to High Spec Gaming PCs remotely via the internet.

That you can then use your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Current PC to access anywhere with a connection.

It’s a Subscription Service and means that you don’t have to own or maintain your own gaming pc.

There are new options available that are going LIVE Feb 2020.

But they range from Geforce 1080, 2080 to Titan RTX. Upto 32GB Ram, various Storage Options, for some this will allow you to have access to 4k & RayTracing Gameplay at an affordable price.

Mileage does vary a little based on your connection, low latency at least 50mpbs and you’ll have a fantastic time, even the lower end systems are very suitable for Star Citizen currently and the Top End Hardware… well I am looking forward to trying the game in 4k with a Titan.

Links below to more details and use the code BOREDGAMER to get a discount.

NordVPN, so Nord had a data-breach in March of 2018 and waited until very recently until confirming that, which wasn’t really appropriate. The Breach does not look it caused any tangible harm to users. I use NordVPN myself and have Affiliate Links in my video links, I would expect a lot of people have probably signed up because of my recommendation.

I still use them now, looking into it, data breaches happen often and lots of other VPNs have been affected too. I would expect that Nord will now be really aware there is public scrutiny on them and that imo will mean that they are even more secure & mindful in the future.

I could of moved over to another VPN or service to Shill for BUT I still wouldn’t know if their were breaches they weren’t talking about.

I like Nord’s Service, it works for me and that data-breach was before I started shilling for them, I just don’t feel strongly enough to move on to something, which all I would be doing is just moving onto another service that could have issues in the future too. I am willing to give them another chance, that’s just me though, I am going to continue to use them, and sometimes promote them at the end of my videos. YOU DO NOT need to click on them or use them if you don’t want to. You are welcome to disagree with my decision as well BUT I do recommend a VPN to people for privacy, security and extended internet access.

I am doing very well Mental & Physical Health wise. I have lost a few pounds.

I am eating well. I haven’t been particularly depressed, though I am pretty tired.

I am looking forward to having a few days off and then CitizenCon though.

Those of you asking about my Dad, he seems to be doing well at the moment, we are waiting for some more info from the consultant & results of a CT scan next week, but thank you for all the kind messages.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for content, the way I do videos, things you’d like to see on the channel then please drop me a message in the comments below.

You can also further support the Channel on Patreon, Direct Donation, becoming a Youtube Member with the Join button.

I’d like to give some extra love to Robert Johnston, Kat Astrus Mega, Snarky, GearKhan, Andy Green, Dalamars who have all supported the channel above and beyond that of mortal men or women.