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CitizenCon 2949 Rumors, Leaks & Event Schedule

Star Citizen’s Major Hype Event CitizenCon 2019 is in the next couple of weeks on the 23rd of November. CitizenCon is being combined with the Anniversary Sale / Expo this year, basically the 2 largest money earning events that CIG have a year are merged together, so there should be a lot coming.

We are going to sort of discuss what may be shown at citizencon across the event as a whole BUT each year we get a big gameplay presentation, new ship reveals and more:

“We’ve all stared up at the night sky and wondered… but it takes more to leave it all behind and chart a course for the great unknown.

It takes a strong will to risk everything for the chance to experience something truly special, to see the beauty in stark otherworldly vistas previously unseen by Human eyes. It takes an indomitable spirit to undertake a journey that could change the very course of history, that could forever expand Humankind’s understanding of our place in the universe. Above all, it takes unbending determination and drive to reach into the unknown and pull back greatness.

This November, we invite you to find yourself. To find greatness.”

This teaser a quote from Nick Croshaw in lore and the discoverer of the first jump point for humanity, and a lot of what else we have been hearing suggests a lot of Exploration focused bits at CitizenCon or expanding gameplay area… jump points… new systems.

There are a huge amount of Rumors, Leaks & Expectations of what they will show in the Starting and End Keynote presentations. 

The Most Recent Monthly Report had a few teasers for CitizenCon.

They also worked on animations for a new mission type and “stuff” for CitizenCon.

They finalized a few important ships for upcoming patch releases & CitizenCon. 

Audio worked closely with their upstream departments on something very cool for CitizenCon.

Jax McCleary space Jeremey Clarkson has been worked on for CitizenCon too.

We know that the Ship Showdown with the top 4 fav flyable ships in the game being named as the Caterpillar, Reclaimer, Cutlass & Hammerhead has some relevance to CitizenCon & The Anniversary, maybe these ships will have special skins and loadouts available OR available as a pack OR something else.

There is lots of secret things they said they were working on too.

Narrative provided vital backstory, scripts and more to help support the events and the content that will be shown.

The destruction of Port Olisar is something I see popup everywhere, we know CIG are going to be replacing the station with their new station tech at somepoint BUT it’s been suggested that this may happen as part of a cinematic OR gameplay at CitizenCon.

We know that there is more than 1 ship that will be revealed at CitizenCon (as there is a panel that is to “Learn about the new ships (plural) of CitizenCon” we are expecting some of them to be straight to flyable, there is likely some that will be in our hands soon and others as concept.

There has been talk about the Carrack & Piceses it’s snub ship being revealed.

The Anniversary Expo and Stage for CitizenCon has an “Anvil” focus, so there is an expectation that there will be at least 1 entirely new Anvil Ship here and potentially a large ship. There is a whole range of potentials of what this ship might be OR the others might be…

An Anvil Capital Ship Corvette,  BattleCruiser or Carrier even.

A Space Station Building Ship.

The Reworked Redeemer.

Typically we see an Alien Ship, we don’t have a Tevarian Fighter yet or anything from the Kr’Thak.

There are holes for medium sized ships for various roles in the game like salvage, repair.

Other things I am hoping we could see are TitanSuits & the Cydnus Mining Tick. 

Squadron 42 Episode 1 is a major part of Star Citizen it should be the first full product that CIG put out and it’s currently pegged to have it’s feature complete beta ready for Q3 2020, you could certainly argue that it will see delays BUT it’s very likely that CitizenCon will have a lot of Squadron 42 Content this year as it’s about time they started a more traditional Marketing Campaign, if I am right then a HARD Release Date for Squadron would also be announced at CitizenCon. It’s also possible that release date could be for the end of 2020, in fact Mark Hamill did post a few weeks ago suggesting that there was a 2020 release date for the game tho he did refer to it as SQ54… so maybe not the most accurate source xD this time.

I also think it’s very likely that we would have some Updated Vanduul FPS Models & Ships that might be shown here, either a new trailer OR a quick bit of gameplay.

There have been various Leaks that look pretty accurate tho at least some of them, they have been pretty much what we expected for the last few months.

New Star System/s are expected to be shown most likely the Pyro & Nyx Systems.

As there are new systems Jump Points are also something that would be shown.

The most likely scenario for gameplay is spawning in the Stanton System, showing off the Carrack, microTech, some Missions that take them through a Jump Point and doing some bits in the new system. They have worked a lot on weather, close combat, clouds, prisons, space stations, AI and SSOCS beyond what we have mentioned too and it’s very possible we could see things related to that too.

Again with some data mined info we saw that there is a new location area 18 on ArcCorp that’s expected to be an In Game Event for CitizenCon / the Anniversary Expo. Last year we had various ships on show each day had different manufacturers showing off their ships, even the Idris Frigate, F8 Heavy Fighter, almost every flyable ship was available to try for free, so I’d expect a FreeFly Event at the same time. 

We do have the CitizenCon Schedule to put all of this in a bit more context.

CitizenCon will be streamed throughout the day on AND there is a lot more than just what they will shown at the main presentation.

There are 2 stages, the main or Anvil Stage and the 2nd or Croshaw Auditorium.

The Main Stage will be streamed live for the duration of the event 1pm – 9:30pm UTC, the individual presentations and 2nd stage panels will be available on Youtube later as individual videos.

On the Main stage we have

The Adventure Begins – See what’s to come at CitizenCon 2949 this is likely where they will reveal new ships and more on the theme of CitizenCon this year, there is only a 30 min slot here but they could briefly show some teasers for the main presentation later.

There’s Terra Firmer – Explore the continuing evolution of planet tech. (it’s got the word Terra in there and that is going to be one of the most built up and important systems in Star Citizen, potentially like Jita in EvE Online.

microTechnicalities – Get a detailed look at Stanton’s newest planet (microTech) and beyond. We know they have been focusing on wind, environmental effects, the exterior of the New Babbage Landing Zone.

Loremaker’s Guide to 2949 – Delve into the narrative foundation of recent and upcoming releases, this could contain a lot of info on various new features coming to the game.

Shoot ‘em Up – Preview a new high-octane game mode coming to Star Citizen – this really interests me, It’s referred to as a Game Mode so I am expecting it to be outside of the Persistent Universe. Have CIG tried to jump on the Battle Royale Wagon? Are they adding objective based Ship Boarding Missions to Star Marine OR Multi-Crew to Arena Commander, some form of combined arms mode?

There is something special for TBD Event Attendees after that, I would expect potentially something playable of what we have just seen for people at the event

Cos and Effect – Strut your stuff in our first annual cosplay contest, there will be prizes too.

Building a Dynamic Universe – Learn how Star Citizen will create and balance systemic content for entire star systems with a live demonstration of the Universe Simulator – This has Tony Zurovic hosting it and will probably contain extremely juicy information on the economy, plans for NPCs, the dynamic mission system, other than the closing keynote this is what I am most excited about!

The Adventure Continues – is the closing keynote presentation you won’t want to miss… this is what I am waiting for, where a lot of awesome should be showed where we should see most of the gameplay, leaks and rumors that we discussed earlier BUT expect a good live amount of Gameplay for Star Citizen’s PU that’s planned to be in players hands in the near future, some of which is planned for Alpha 3.8 at the end of this year.

On the 2nd Stage there is a something running through the day, except when during the opening and closing keynote.

Xenolinguistics and You – Probe the process of how alien languages are created for Star Citizen

Ship Sounds – A look at the technical tricks and creative process that make ships sound super cool

Locked Up – Get some early insight into prisons in the ‘verse and life on the inside

Me, Myself, and UI – Follow the entire process of turning a written design into a playable feature

Armor Archetypes – Everything you ever wanted to know about staying protected in the ‘verse

Ship Talk – Learn about the new ships of CitizenCon and help the team design a future vessel.

So that’s what we know, expect & is rumored from CitizenCon this year.