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Star Citizen 3.8 New Mission Updates

We recently saw a Star Citizen LIVE where they answered a lot of questions on Mission Gameplay that is coming up in the near future, intentions for them and how they will evolve.

They want to add a lot more mission and gameplay content into each individual planetary system, so areas like Crusader OR Hurston within Star Systems.

They don’t want players to have to travel long distances constantly, they can stay within a small area and have a huge amount to do without having to travel for 10+ mins in QT at a time 

They want to have mission rewards partly based on time and distance travelled as well as Mission Difficulty. Currently rewards are pretty static.

They want to add a time or give details of distances or more accurate locations that you may need to travel for a mission too.

They had previously improved the AI so that they were very effective with fixed weapons.

This changed what ships were more difficult to fight… they are constantly changing what the meta is from patch to patch and sometimes the missions need to be updated.

They are going to have more covalex style missions / story missions – the PI mission was their first foray into the more story based missions with a narrative, investigation and multiple outcomes.

They are going to be adding more to the mission on covalex with having players have to follow bread crumbs

The Original Audio for the mission was recorded in 2014.

They are adding larger abandoned stations that will allow for a lot more POI and missions to be in them.

They will be adding a lot of the simpler missions

They have been working on the dynamic mission system, most missions in game will have variance to them.

POI and areas can spawn, loot, bodies, NPCs and mission items.

They are building out a deeper reputation system for factions, mission givers and missions.

You’ll have to go see a mission giver sometimes BUT 

Mission Giver Missions are planned to have the ability to contact you via mobiGlas, comms or text.

They will be adding loot & non aUEC mission rewards in the future.

They want to do Ship & Focused role missions BUT they want to make simpilier missions for everyone in the shorter term.

They are working on missions that Torpedos might be needed for.

Trade Consoles should start giving you delivery jobs for X amount of commodities with less hand holding.

They need to make sure these missions are appropriate for the area.

They haven’t got counter missions planned for standard delivery missions. HOWEVER they want to make sure players are aware that PvP is likely with any mission that it is likely to happen… so you will be warned… Star Citizen is PvP as a game though so bare that in mind, even with safer missions… there will be very safe areas of space tho.

They have made laws for Close Combat, hitting players or knocking them out are crimes.

Bounty Missions will make use of the stun and knock out mechanics.

The melee system is planned with 3.8, you can knock out NPCs and the SPK or Bunker Missions will count this as them being killed… for now.

They intend to have NPCs join you for missions in the future. They need the voicelines and animations… they are adding more simple lower hanging fruit in the shorter term.

There are missions for science and exploring deep into caves planned.

They are working on simple sequential missions.

They want to have sub missions and clues to other locations and missions.

They talk about an idea of having flight recorders, if you commit a crime outside of lawful space like destroying a ship… you might want to collect their flight recorder and destroy it OR take it to a security depot to get a reward for detecting a crime.

Dropping these off could create opportunities for more missions.

They wanted to have the ability to hack down other peoples crime ratings for 3.8 BUT SOCCS is a priority currently and they have had to redesign some mission based features.

You would need to search peoples names and be able to update persistence

In the new system you need to individually remove crimes from your record, the idea is you would remove the worst crimes or fines. The reliability of your hacking chip is going to influence how much you can safely delete.

They want to add more missions for both Lawful and Criminal players.

They are working towards allow to hand off items to NPCs.

It’s SOCS not SSOCS.

They made a decision that you could only have 1 actively tracked mission at a time, as some are very complex.

They are working on NPC passenger missions, AI can now step off ships which is a big step!

It’s slightly more complicated to get them on a ship BUT is possible. They want to get some dialogue for them too. They want some of them to be for tourism or kidnapping, hijacking… how do NPCs react? They have the beginnings of this tho.

The want to have volatile cargo.

As you can rent ships or work with other players they don’t want to gate missions by what a player has, there will be gates for criminality, reputation, previous mission completed.

Missions will describe what they need to have done to be completed so you can make an appropriate decision.

For example at the moment, once you complete the intro mission for bounty hunting you get access to more. They are expanding this for 3.8.

You could potentially get deputized or have missions to take out pirates that pays per bounty or arrest. 

In the short term, players can scan ships and if the discover a criminal or illegal good there they can engage for a reward.

It’s going to be harder to get a crime stat, it sounds like there will be more fines.

The first true lawful good mission givers are the Crusader Security mission givers coming with Orison.