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Star Citizen 3.7.2 OPEN PTU

A New Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.2 Patch is out on the PTU and is OPEN for anyone to test.

In this patch the player starting spawn location is set to ArcCorp Area 18.

And there is a new location at ArcCorp you can reach via the Public Transport System, the Bevic Convention Centre. A few months ago CIG added a “donut” building to ArcCorp City Assets and it was believed that it was just to make the city look better from a distance BUT it appears that it actually has been given an interior and this particular donut building that is the Brevic Convention Centre is the entrance way to the 2949 Anniversary Expo.

It’s the PTU patch so I’d expect some tweaks and updates when the patch goes live OR for the actual day of CitizenCon / the Anniversary Sale (which is technically a day later on the 24th of November) Around this area you can see Pink Anniversary Expo Banners, in Game Clothing for sale with hats and t-shirts from a range of in game companies. Pictures of ships, there was a picture of a Drake Vulture that I don’t think I had seen before and I was reminded of possible Origin Gliders.  

But this area has a Yellow / Orange M50 here too, queue areas for buying tickets, a larger area for potential in game flair sales, little rest areas, and this all leads onto a series of elevators that will take you to the Anniversary Expo… but not yet! You’ll have to wait until next week!

The testing focus of the patch is General Gameplay;

But the patch does also add and fix some other bits and pieces too:

  • There’s now a notification message when a player accepts a party invite.
  • As I said earlier they have Temporarily set the default spawn location for new logins to Area18. If you have played previously, you will still be at your last saved location.
  • There is Polish and behavior fixes for mission givers.
  • Messaging for inviting to group should now reflect the group name.
  • Moved the chat window further down to avoid slight overlap with self status.
  • Increased the speed of bounty mission marker placement after action area arrival to avoid incidents where players kill the bounty before the marker has been updated.
  • They adjusted “ping” power requirements to be more compatible with use while the QED is on for the Mantis.

Bug Fixes

  • Delivery locker displays should now have sound effects.
  • The player should now correctly move with the turret in the upper turret of the Caterpillar.
  • Deliveries to stash houses should consistently complete.
  • Fixed an issue where several of Lorville’s AI residents appeared immobile.
  • And where player’s microphones could get turned off in game even though the UI will display it as enabled.
  • They also fixed an issue where the parasite helmet would move the neck instead of the jaw when used with FOIP.
  • An issue where staying aligned to the quantum travel target after coming out of quantum would prevent calibration.
  • And an issue where the mission cargo for Battaglia’s recovery mission would fail to appear after destroying the target.
  • Players should now be able to select “get up” and “logout” from the Freelancer’s bed.
  • The visor chat audio widget should no longer vanish when in a pilot seat.
  • The safe in Hurston’s mission should no longer vanish when it is put down.
  • They also fixed 4 client crashes & a crash associated with Avira Game Booster.

There are quite a short list of Known Issues this time… which is hopefully a good sign.

  • Area18’s QT marker may be missing.
  • Players can keep rental ships past the 24 hour rental period.
  • Purchased commodities occasionally do not visually appear in ship cargo holds.
  • WHen spooling for a QT jump or already traveling, exiting the seat will result in the loss of the QT HUD.

One of the things that excites me is that Spawn point being set to near the convention… that’s smart of CIG… also it may also suggest that Port Olisar really could get destroyed at CitizenCon… Maybe… It was just a rumor.

I think some other issues still remain and will until at least 3.8… with shield holes on some ships making them VERY fragile like the Sabre for example.

Issues with the mobiGlas are still there too.

CitizenCon and the Anniversary Expo are next week, starting on the 23rd of November. It should be the best CitizenCon yet or at least that’s what my HYPEOMETER is suggesting.