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Star Citizen Leaks – CitizenCon & 3.8 Data-Mined New Content

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a data mine and leak-travaganza for CitizenCon, the Expo, 3.8 and a bit beyond. SC Leaks had some information and  SniperNLN on Reddit Data-mined a huge amount from the Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.2 Open PTU.
Take these with a pinch of salt and speculation tho as some of this could be incorrect, WIP, placeholder… you get the idea.

The Pisces is likely to be a flight ready ship in 3.7.2 at CitizenCon. 

Some listings also suggests that there are 2 versions of the Pisces as well a Base & Expedition Version.

There was also some code showing the Lighting F8 having an insurance timer too, which could mean it’s possibly flyable soon, it is an Anvil Ship and 2949 Expo is Anvil focused.  

The MISC Hull C, Aegis Idris, Aegis Javelin, Prowler, and Carrack are suggested to be shown in the Expo Hall during certain days.

The was a leaked Sale schedule as well showing

ANVIL – Day 1

RSI – Day 2


ARGO, MISC – Day 4


AEGIS – Day 6 

DRAKE – Day 7

ORIGIN – Day 8


It looks like the top 4 Showdown ships have had Showdown skins made for them so expect to see the Caterpillar, Cutlass, Hammerhead & Reclaimer get a new purchasable skin during the Expo, they also have listings for a Red Ursa Rover too.

New Missions & Items – There are some New Location Descriptions -:

There appear to be more Rest Stop Stations mentioned and in 2 size categories.

Large R&R – This sprawling rest stop, operated by R&R, is larger than average and features a multitude of services for travelers beyond the normal refueling and restocking. Restaurants, bars, stores, entertainment, habs, and more are available.

Medium R&R – Owned and operated by Rest & Relax, this station offers plenty of amenities for space-weary travelers. Besides being able to restock and refuel their ships, visitors will find several shops to peruse for provisions and refreshments.

New Babbage microTech’s Premiere Landing Zone has a listing – Built to keep the world’s freezing temperatures at bay, New Babbage is a luxurious city with top-class amenities and domed open spaces designed to inspire the creativity and productivity of the cutting edge companies and tech firms drawn here by microTech’s innovative spirit.

There is a listing of services – CenterMass, Omega Pro, Aparelli, Regal Luxury Rentals, The Factory Line

NBIS, The Nest, MT Planetary Services, TDD, Wally’s Bar, FTL, Shubin Interstellar Services

Orison Crusader’s Sky City has a listing too – Located high above the clouds, Orison is built upon a military-constructed latticework of inhabitable floating platforms which Crusader Industries uses to construct their large-scale ships. The shipyards themselves are eerily beautiful and have made Orison a prime tourist destination in the Stanton system

For Services there is Crusader Showroom, Cousin Crow’s Custom Craft, Kel-To ConStore

August Dunlow Spaceport, TDD, Covalex, FTL, Green Circle, Voyager Bar

There was a set of Missions that appear to be being worked on:

A Call to Arms (Open Bounty) – This has you getting paid for taking out players with Crime Stats, it looks to pay more the higher the crime stat of players you take down too.

Resecure Controlled Territory (Crusader High Danger Sector Sweep) – There appears to be 3 tiers of difficulty to this combat mission. It’s Planned for Orison Mission Givers.

Claiming a Stake (Base Sweep) has you taking out miners and security where they have found a valuable mineable area but it sounds like just a combat clear mission.

Bounty Assignment: Group Warrant (Northrock Group Bounty) – This is for taking out a bunch of targets, there are variations that have you trying to potentially knock out targets rather than kill them, some are sound more dangerous than others. I would expect this to be geared towards a mission that you should share with others.

Group Warrant Issued (Miles Group Bounty) – This has you scanning down a set of bounties and neutralizing them.

There is also mentions of Destroy an Idris, Illegal Mining Missions. There are even mentions of Restocking and fixing Vending Machines.

There are some New Laws that can see Vehicles getting impounded.

Trespassing – Trespassing on Property you don’t own.

Aggravated Assault – Causing harm to another character with a weapon.

Delinquent Restitution – Not paying your fines

Battery – Meleeing a Character, if you knock them out it’s first degree.

There was an FAQ for Fines -:

You’ll need to go to terminals to pay off any fines you have in a timely manner, if your ship is stolen you need to reclaim it ASAP as if it commits a crime while you are the owner then you are responsible it seems. Jurisdictions change and what is legal changes between them. Fines increase in value if they are not paid in a timely manner and eventually become a crime stat.

There are a load of New Items & Equipment it looks like details of the new mining items the laser heads in 3.8, we have the -: 

Dozer reducing instability & resistance BUT making the rock harder to break so it’s more of a support laser for a group

Arbor, is a reliable balanced laser

Hofstede, sacrifices range for more stability

Klein, makes mining faster at the risk of more instability

Impact increases the size of the green optimal charge window BUT if you go into the red it will charge the boom boom very quickly.

Helix is long range and powerful BUT has slow throttle response and increases the explosiveness of the rock.

There are some Mining Consumables listed too -: 

Torpid Mining (Charge Pulse) – it allows the operator more precise power adjustments for 20 seconds to help stay within a deposit’s sweet spot.

Surge Mining (Explosive Charge) – delivers a burst of power that immediately fills part of the current charge window.

Stampede Mining (Fracture Charge) – enhances a mining laser’s charge rate by 25%.

Lifeline Mining (Fuse Deposit) – significantly reduce damage caused by a shattering deposit.

Rime Mining (Heat Vent Module) – dissipate heat and improve a deposit’s stability.

Brandt Mining (Laser Focuser) – 30 seconds of additional power to increase a mining laser’s charge rate while also reducing a deposit’s resistance.

Optimum Mining (Laser Oscillato) – makes mining safer by increasing the optimal charge window for 15 seconds.

Forel Mining (Tremor Pulse) – reduces a rock’s resistance, but also makes it less stable and more dangerous to mine.

There are some details of the Animus Missile Launcher it has a Magazine Size of 3 and fires in 3 shot bursts with a 2km range. Lift the Animus onto your shoulder and level the opposition on the battlefield. This missile launcher from Apocalypse Arms features a rotating barrel that quickly fires three missiles, making it the perfect weapon to obliterate ground forces or damage vehicles and small ships. When you need to sow destruction to save yourself, you can trust Apocalypse Arms to deliver.

I hope that was interesting for some of you, I like seeing these data mines and leaks sometimes as long as you take them as they are intended, which is even if accurate at the time they are effectively work in progress from the dev branch of the game or stuff that the devs are using for testing.