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The New Ships of CitizenCon 2019

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, CitizenCon 2019 has just been and we have a couple of weeks of the Anniversary Expo to look forward to. There is a huge amount to cover and I will be doing at least 3 videos a day for a while to cover it all.

There were a lot of new ships discussed at CitizenCon, some of which are available in 3.7.2, 3.8, others new to concept but also 4 ones that they are working on an you wouldn’t know about unless you attended the Ship Panel at CitizenCon. I suspect we might even see more ships during the expo concepted or straight to flyable BUT lets talk about the Kraken Privateer, Argo Mole, the Pisces C8 & C8X, 4 more secret vehicles and ships and some

Updates to ships like the Carrack, Banu Merchantman and the delays of some of those 3.8 ships.

New Ships

The Pisces is C8 & C8X are straight to flyable in 3.7.2!

There is a pilot seat and 2 jump seats as well as room for someone else to stand.

There is also room for 4 SCU of Cargo

The ship has 2 s1 weapons BUT is not a snub, the ship has a Quantum Drive and Room for a Jump Drive too. Making it a viable standalone ship OR a companion ship to a lot of vessels.

The C8X has a white paint job and 2 more s1 weapons BUT is otherwise the same as the C8.

The ship is 13x10x3.25m

The Carrack comes with a Pisces C8 as standard.

The Carrack has been delayed until Feb 2020, it will still be in the Alpha 3.8 Branch

The Prowler is pushed to March and the Cutlass Red January BUT they will all still be part of Alpha 3.8.

The Carrack has a shutter for it’s cockpit, repair room, drone room, holosphere / table on the bridge, it was confirmed to have 456 SCU of Cargo Space and swappable pods for where that cargo space is, so we should see some modularity here in the future, there pods will also be swappable “with other ships in it’s catagory”

It has 4 turrets total, 3 manned ones on the sides and bottom, they are articulated / extendable like the Hammerhead turrets and there is a remote turret one on the top.

There is a hexagonal pool table

5 Bunkbeds for crew, a private captains quarters

4 drones, 2 can be operated at a time & there are 2 operator seats for that

There was a conversation about whether an arrow could fit in the Carracks Bay… they said maybe… but it’s intended for the Pisces.

Argo Mole 3.8

4 Crew MultiMining Ship, Aimed at in between the Prospector and Orion it is a Medium Mining Ship.

It kind of operates like a few prospectors stuck together.

3 Mining Turrets

Twice the Storage of the Prospector so it’s expected to be 64 SCU, I believe they said it will have saddlebags like that of the Prospector that it can fill.

These lasers can work together to mine a Rock OR all work on separate nodes, they can also all have different mining gear to allow you to mine a wide range of mineables in the way that you want to and 3.8 has a lot of these new mining heads in as well.

The Kraken Privateer is a Concept Variant of the Kraken that focuses on being more of a mobile services and space station rather than a carrier. It’s intended to compete with the Banu Merchantman in some ways, though the MM is more cargo and trade focused the Privateer is more focused on allowing a few ships to land on it as a time, the real similarity I suppose is the Shops on board the ships.

The Privateer sacrifices 80% of the Krakens Cargo Space and it’s dragonfly bays to fit in 10 modular swappable shops.

The Main cargo area is replaced with 8 “public” shops that will be run by NPC crew that you can hire. You will select an archetype of a shop, like a clothing store OR components store, then add the stock and your prices. Items that you stock will be subject to the laws in the jurisdiction you are in SO BARE THAT IN MIND when moving through space.

Each shop has their own cargo grid for stock.

There are also 2 shops where the Dragonfly bay used to be in the Kraken, this is the “private” market and behind closed doors for private trades or for people that the ship owner has given access too, here is a more appropriate place to have some of the more dodgy items.

The Privateer needs to accomodate 10 more crew as the NPCs are needed to work the shops, so it also has 10 more habs.

The Shops are planned to utilize similar tech to the modular shops and stations they have been building out for alpha 3.8.

And it was confirmed that the Banu Merchantman’s Shops will work in the same way, being modular choices, then you stock them and have NPCs running them.

The Privateers only has 768 SCU cargo compared to the 3792 SCU of the Standard Kraken.

There are some ships you may not of been aware of that were mentioned at CitizenCon too, on the 2nd Stage they were talking about future concept ideas and they showed 4 they have been working on. Though they are currently unnamed or they didn’t share their names:

1 – A Ground Mining Vehicle for 1-2 players, allowing you to carry an extended inventory, mined loot, as well as being able to mount a mining laser itself and detect minables.

It was kind of a buggy with a drill attached.

2 – Xi’an Cargo Ship for a small crew with around 300 SCU in cargo to compete with the Hull B / Freelancer MAX. Not a favorite of mine BUT I do see the need to flesh out a set of ships for each race. I am sure it will have some form of querk as well that makes it unique.

3 – Tevarin Light Fighter intended to be an Escort Fighter for the Prowler. Advanced Shields, 2x S4 Mounts, reasonably stealthy and with a small profile the ship concept silhouettes looked amazing. Interesting Fighters to flesh out the Races are important and the Tevarin are cool bird samurai.

4 – Starter Refinery Ship, one person & living quarters, uses tractor beams to grab and refine. You can use it with a mining ship like the Prospector or Mule to then turn your unrefined materials into a smaller amount of refined more valuable ones. This seemed to be the ship that was most popular with the audience. I can certainly see it being very useful for mining operations that are not easily able to access a refinery station, it also will save you a lot of funds potentially as you won’t need to pay for a station to refine it for you.

Talking to some devs about vehicles as well there seems to be around 20 devs working on ships for the PU. A large portion of the other ship guys are working on Squadron 42 Vehicles, Ships and Environments separate from that.

And that’s it for my summary of the ships from CitizenCon, there should be more information about some of these ships thoughout the next few days and I may well cover them in some more focused detail.