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Ares StarFighter Leak & Day 5 of the 2949 Expo

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, with some updates on some of the new ships that are going to be on sale soon, some straight to flyable. Talking about the Argo Mole, Crusader Aries, free skins & flair with the best in show, the Kraken Privateer and we will also take a look at Day 5 of the Anniversary Expo with Alien Manufacturers and what’s available.

I originally thought the Argo Mole was going to be available on the Argo day of the Anniversary sale which appears to have been incorrect CIG have confirmed it is going to be available to buy potentially before 3.8 goes LIVE and it’s going straight to flyable too. 3.8 should be going to LIVE mid December, 3.8 is now in Evocati and as I am an evocati member I cannot talk about any specifics of the patch being tested.

There was a picture from the Austin office that suggested there is another new ship, the Crusader Ares.

And that this ship if genuine is expected to go on sale on the 12th December, at this time I would also expect the Argo Mole to go on Sale too.

At CitizenCon I heard someone mention a new Crusader “StarFighter” so potentially the Aries is that, Aries being the God of War a fighter of some description makes sense.

Someone said to me I hope it’s a Titan Suit… I do too BUT a Crusader Fighter makes more sense I think.

If it is indeed a fighter I would expect it to be something that compliments the Crusader a lineup like a small but long range escort fighter to protect Crusader Ships.

We know that the Argo Mole is a 4 crew multi miner with 3 manned mining lasers that can be equipped with different gear, 3.8 also adds various new mining heads into the mix to aid your mining experience.

We had some more info on the “Best in Show” 

Celebrate and commemorate their place in aerospace history with special limited-edition liveries, only available during the IAE. 

The Caterpillar, Hammerhead, Cutlass Black & Reclaimer will have these available during the 2nd – 5th December. They also have limited edition blueprint schematic flair too.

If you Already own one of the Best in Show ships, You’ll be able to swap to the IAE exclusive version, schematic included, at no extra cost.

Also everyone that has backed Star Citizen pre-December 5th will receive a Caterpillar Statue Flair for their hangar.

Kraken Privateer – We should see the Kraken Privateer Concept Variant on Sale for the Drake day on the 30th of November.

With Drake in mind the Cutlass Red is going to be flyable in Jan 2020.

It’s also Day 5 of the IAE and Alien Manufacturer Day at the Expo so that’s Aopoa, Esperia, Vanduul, Xi’An & Banu Ships.
I think some people might want to turn their Store Credit into a Banu Merchantman as the ship is $350 and is massive, it seems to be unchanged by CIGs rising prices at this stage.