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Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 PTU Soon!

I wanted to talk about Star Citizen 3.8 getting ready for the 1st wave of PTU, new ships going on sale, a statement on Evocati leaks, some 3.8 content plans.

Alpha 3.8 is likely to go to 1st Wave PTU VERY SOON, this should allow subscribers and concierge to get involved in the testing but more importantly for general content and videos from the patch not be locked behind an NDA.

3.8 will move onto wider PTU after that giving access to even more before going LIVE. 3.8 is expected to be LIVE by or before the 21st of December Currently. Though that could change.

There should be a Flyable Ship Sale with 3.8 but it’s a little more complicated than normal as some of the 3.8 ships have been delayed with the Cutlass Red coming Jan 2020, the Carrack Feb and Prowler March. Those ships are still unfinished and the devs have responded to community feedback on the Carrack. Saying that they are still working on the ship and it may get some changes before it’s Feb release date, they are taking feedback on board BUT the Carrack we saw at CitizenCon WAS UNFINISHED so bare that in mind.

So it’s possible that we could see the Carrack, Cutlass Red and Prowler all go on sale with 3.8 LIVE or they may hold them until they are individually available.

We pretty much know that their are some New Ships on Sale too, I say pretty much because it’s not been confirmed by CIG but there have been teasers for the

Crusader Ares

Is expected to go on sale on the 12th of December and people keep asking me to go over what we know about the ship.

It’s spelt ARES as in God of War

The current rumors are it’s a Medium / Heavy Fighter with a lot of armor.

People have suggested it’s additional Crusader tag is the StarHunter though I heard StarFighter at CitizenCon it’s pretty much the same thing tho.

Expect something that complements the Crusader line up, potentially as an escort.

Is is straight to flyable, I think it’s possible otherwise it would of gone on sale at CitizenCon or during the Anniversary Expo, that said it might not of been ready. We will find out pretty soon. We don’t have pricing yet.

Argo Mole

Is a new 4 Crew Mining Vehicle has 3 individually operable mining turrets, this ship is Straight to Flyable in 3.8.

The lasers have size 2 mining heads which are larger and more powerful / longer range than the Prospector.

It has the same type of saddle bags that the prospector has BUT the ship does have twice the cargo capacity. So you should see 8 of those cargo pods.

There is one mining laser at the front bottom of the ship with a controller cab there.

There is a mining laser 1 on each side of the ship as well, I am not sure if these lasers are remote operated from the top cab of the ship OR have a mannable cockpit for each. It looks like they might have their own little turret rooms each you can enter. That then seems to suggest that the ship actually has seating and stations for 5 rather than 4 through 3 mining lasers and then a pilot and co-pilot in the top front cab.

I would expect the Mole to become the Loaner ship for the Orion

You’ll be able to change the mining lasers to complement each other, you can work on the same node OR separate nodes.

It’s expected that the Mole will also go on Sale on the 12th BUT if it didn’t then expect it for 3.8 LIVE. Pricing wise there is not confirmation but I would guess around $300.

Evocati Leaks

Every Major patch we get a load of Evocati Leaks. Take them with a pinch of salt when comparing them to what 3.8 will be live.

With datamined information especially (evocati OR not) we don’t know when that will be in game. Some could be planned for the current patch, others the next major release and some bits are for just for the dev branch testing.

I will cover appropriate leaks BUT I can’t cover Evocati Leaks as I am an Evocati member and I have an NDA basically saying I can’t talk about the specifics of an evocati patch nor record videos/content from inside an Evo Patch. 

I am preparing for some Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 Content Plans for both PTU and LIVE, I am going to be covering:

Patch Notes

State of the Game

New Missions

New Features

New Locations

Exploring the Planet and Moon Changes with the v4 Planet Tech

Ship Tours

Quick Start Guide

How to Make aUEC Guide

A quick what’s the 3.8 meta Guide

A Video on each of the current Roles you can do in game and how to do them

Bugg-hard – a Series about what bugs are still persisting or need fixing quick

Gameplay wise with 3.8 LIVE I would like to get some people on my Discord together to trying mining together in the Mole as well as running any of the new Multiplayer Missions like the 890 Jump Hijack and even see how the law system treats a group of maxed out criminals. So if you’d like to be involved join the discord, links below. I will organize that group a bit more xD

I would like to get a couple of gameplay videos out a week exploring some of what a patch has to offer, playing with some other content creators and orgs.

I’d also like to some more gameplay on stream too around xmas and for 3.8

I am really excited about Prison Gameplay, though that is coming in 3.9. Even in it’s 1st iteration I the gameplay sounds pretty fun.

People keep asking me what’s the likelihood of seeing other capital ships in game even if they are just NPC controlled. I certainly think it’s possible, more likely for 3.9 than 3.8 though.

I am currently playing through Boneworks VR, for those of you that don’t know it was my most anticipated VR game before they announced the release date for HL:Alyx.

It is a game made mostly with the Valve Index and knuckles Controllers in mind and is an extremely tactile experience. It’s a Portal like / physics puzzle game.

I am going to be playing it through a few times so I am likely to stream it at some point.

It’s of the new gen of VR games that makes me think VR is starting to deliver on being awesome AND makes me very happy that Star Citizen doesn’t have VR integration yet as the ideas and new tech both hardware and software are really needed to get VR into a mainstream place IMO. That said I think we will see VR for Star Citizen well after Vulkan integration and almost certainly for Squadron 42 first before the PU. with VR the tactile grabbing of things really help it be immersive, so you need your character to be tracked and your hands to be able to grab things in game how to you build and balance that?!

I am going voting in the UK Election tomorrow so I am not sure how that will affect any videos I do… typically I like to stay up all night and watch the results come in too…