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2020 BoredGamer Channel Update

Welcome to a Star Citizen BoredGamer Channel Update for Jan 2020.

Happy New Year and New Decade. The last few weeks since CitizenCon have been mega hectic. I have had a cold, been exhausted and generally worn out. Christmas is the most stressful time of year, I typically work more in Nov / Dec as that’s when people are at home watching videos and there is soooo much SC content, but I was also cooking for my family this year and I went out a few too many times and… well it’s mostly self inflicted, BUT I thought I’d have a little whine. Need to get to work losing some of the weight I gained. My Dad is doing well, thank you for all the kind messages. Mental Health wise I am pretty well although I am constantly panicked about a health worries… at the moment, something I think will pass in time hopefully.

The December Winner of a Carrack was Brian Jacobs congratulations!

I am out of giant ships for giveaway atm so the New January 2020 Giveaway is for a Anvil Arrow & Star Citizen GamePackage.

CIG did offer me a Mole for Giveaway with the launch of Alpha 3.8. They have been doing this since 3.7 I believe, offering content creators a ship for their community.

I at the moment am thanking them for the offer but not accepting the ships.

I am obviously a Star Citizen Fan Boy and love the game and project and have a vested interest in Star Citizen doing well as my Channel makes content on it BUT I have reservations accepting free stuff from CIG at this stage until they have a fully released product OR are not reliant on backer money.

If you think that I am being overly silly then feel free to tell me BUT I worry about it being a slippery slope of don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Alpha 3.8 came out at the end of December, it’s both awesome BUT flawed with some annoying game breaking bugs. 

Over the next few weeks I’ve got some content planned

Roadmap to Completion – List all Features

Ships – How many left / done & updates

3.8 State of The Game

Monthly Report Star Citizen 

Squadron 42 Update

3.8 Guides – Making aUEC

A Video explaining Land Gameplay / Pioneer / Building / Shops

Promises Broken

Meta Guide – MoistNoodle

Talk about Combat & Flight Model

Component & Weapon Changes – Quick Meta Guide

Planet & Moon Changes / Tour

Gameplay Mechanics – What we Know

There is various Gameplay I want to get videos on – New Missions MULTI-CREW – Claim Jumps, the Crashed Satellite and other vs missions, Mole Mining Gameplay.

There is other stuff as well BUT those are the top of my list currently.

January should see some major updates to the Star Citizen Roadmap and potentially Squadron 42’s as well. It’s the time of year where CIG look at their feature priorities & scheduling this time we also have Staggered Development going on at the same time, so they focus 2 sets of teams on the next 2 patches simultaneously so currently that’s 3.9 and 4.0 being worked on. The hope is that 2020 will have a more stable Roadmap with less delayed and pushed back features ONCE they have been added to the Roadmap anyway.

Things like Salvage, Physical Inventory, Components and Damage, Titan Suits, ????, a load of Crusader Ships, things like Modularity as well.

Are all features and things I hope we see on the Roadmap in 2020.

Theatres of War could even potentially be out in the next few weeks to at least test for Evocati. Videos on all this stuff once we know more!

Hopefully CIG will add some Video Content to their line up as well, we should see Inside Star Citizen return in the next couple of weeks though.

I want to start up my Org Spotlight again, but it will also look at events, fan projects & content creators as well as organizations. 

I’d like to have a proper Streaming Schedule, at the moment I typically stream on Mondays & Fridays anytime between 2pm – 6pm UTC.

I am going to building a new PC over the next few weeks. I am looking at something for content creation with a focus on playing Star Citizen. I am planning to use a Ryzen 3950x, 2080ti and a very cool SC Styled Case. 

Hiring Editor – As many of you may be aware I’ve wanted to get an editor to help me with the channel for a while now, in fact I wanted one for June of last year.

The person I am planning to do that is zinya one of my best mates and someone I play games with alot AND not just as an editor but also as a camera person, co-host, community manager and to generally help with content.

Rather than being sub-contrated I am going to hiring them properly as it will be her full time job, we have just been a bit lazy on sorted on the final details of their contract, this is party because she has a job so it hasn’t been a priority for either of us properly.

I do think the addition of an editor and all the other job roles a full time employee would have will be amazing for the channel giving production value and a developing style.

Editing is something I am horrible at and not really mega interested in getting better at as I am just not talented at it.

I’ll keep you updated on the continuing Saga, I am expecting it to be sorted for mid 2020 currently!

My Channel is massively community supported, I generate income from Youtube ads but also my Patreons, Youtube Members and it’s thanks to these ViPs that the channel is able to exist really and got to this stage.

A Special Thanks to:

Dalamars, Andy Green, Huntress, Dustin Hill, Mill & Nathan Ross

Gidieon, Mantis, Sgt3v3rsmann, Pixie and Shite.

You guys have gone well beyond the support of any normal human and I’d like to dedicate January 2020s videos to you. 

I’ve hit over 100 Youtube Members now, those are basically patreons for youtube

You can also support the channel with feedback, content ideas, suggestions for content creators or orgs for my spotlights anything like that REALLY REALLY helps as does sharing my videos if you enjoy them!

What’s that you ask what am I Shilling for this month, Same as every month Pinky…

Shadow who are releasing some new hardware for their cloud based gaming PCs that I have had the joy of testing, this is a billion times more useful than Google Stadia for PC gamers, enabling you a fully custom windows 10 gaming environment that can be leveraged over the internet. And now with a range of options and hardware. Perfect for Star Citizen as long as you have an appropriate internet connection.

I am also shilling for NordVPN & NordPass a VPN and Password manager respectively. NordVPN has massive advantages over free VPNs and it’s very cheap… I am thrifty so I love them.

Links below for those and use the code BOREDGAMER for Shadow or Nord for discount!

I also have love for GameGlass allowing you to turn a touch screen device into a controller for games like Star Citizen, MyRadar who make a weather app but also have the planetary bodies of Stanton for Star Citizen and the continue to add more features.

There is JRFabrication as well who make Star Citizen licensed props as well as vehicle / ship models airfix style.

And that’s it for another Channel Update, I am looking forward to 2020 being a great year for Star Citizen and my channel and I am looking forward to expanding the channel, my content and generally seeing what CIG have in store for us.