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Star Citizen Concept Ship Rundown

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, today I wanted to talk about Ship Updates – What is left to be completed? A huge portion of Star Citizen Ships & Vehicles are already in game BUT what about other ships and concepts? What have we got left to put in the game? What Ships & Concepts might we see in 2020?

First off in some other ship news everyone has access to a MISC Freelancer Ship in 3.8.0 at least in the short term and that comes with the bonus of a bug “fix”. If they fix bugs now by giving us ships temporarily then be my guest CIG.

There are around 100 Ships and Vehicles in game that are currently flyable and around 50 concepts including variants left to complete in addition to various alien and sq42 ships.

There is not currently much on the known Roadmap for the next for months and some of the 3.8 Delayed Ships we have are the for January Cutlass Red (ambulance), February is the much wanted Carrack & March the first Tevarin Ship the Prowler

All are planned to be coming in various 3.8.x patches.

For the end of Q1 2020 and the 3.9 Release we have the Cutlass Blue Combat/Militia Variant as well as a small m50 Rework planned. There is the expectation that 3.9 might come with some other ships as well.

In fact there may be various New Straight to Flyable Ships in 2020, these ships don’t appear on the list of concept ships and they are kinda of obscured we have some idea of ships and vehicles that we could see in 2020 as flyable or concept:

At CitizenCon 2019 CIG talked about early concept work on a Ground Mining Truck, a Tevarin Fighter, a Xi’An Cargo Ship & a Mobile Refinery.

There is the Cydnus Spider Miner that’s been built for SQ42 and TitanSuits as well… TitanSuits being something I am keen to see in game.

For concept ships being built out we have some indication that Crusader Ships are potentially a focus in 2020, the Hercules & Mercury Star Runner being what I would expect to be the most prioritized.

Concept Ships

Beyond that there are a load of Concept Ships from 2012 to Date that could be released so let’s talk about each of them and when they were originally Concepted.

From 2012 we are still waiting on the Idris-M – a Military Frigate that has solid carrier capacity too though it’s a SQ42 focused ship, so it’s likely to come when that’s out, this is true of most of the SQ42 ships.


Idris-P- SQ42 again a Squadron 42 Ship but it’s the stripped down civilian version of the Frigate.

Orion the massive strip miner, it at last count had over doubled in size from it’s concept and it’s going to be a big capital ship that munches through whole sections of asteroid fields. However I do expect it to be much later in development before we see the ship.

Banu Merchantman was still having some of the setup work done and getting it’s style guide really nailed down.

Hull-C The Hull C may of already been completed for SQ42s needs but requires animated physics grids, ship to station docking and Cargo Updates all to be in place before the ship is released.

2014 – We are still waiting on the 

Crucible Repair Ship, it has a hangar inside for a fighter sized ship and arms to repair larger ships externally too.

Endeavor this is an extremely modular science focused capital ship that can be setup for farms, hospitals, science, overclocking, exploration and more… it’s also a ship I expect to see much later in development.

Genesis Starliner this is the larger people carrier like a modern 747 but for space travel, the space ports in game currently have signs and areas that are planned to have AI run Genesis Transports moving around the Verse from.

Javelin – Destroyer Capital Ship, it’s a SQ42 focused ship tho.  

Redeemer (Rework) – The Redeemer is being reconcepted and built, it’s a GunShip with gun being the focus.

Again a long awaited ship that I would expect to make 2020 is the Constellation Taurus Rework / Variant, it’s supposed to be a Connie with a turret removed but a larger area for cargo… the fact it’s still not in game yet has had some question if there is a greater rework to the constellation series happening or something more to the ship.


Hull Series (not C), the small A, Truck Sized B, MASSIVE D and ridiculous sized E are all cargo focused ships, it’s likely the C will be done first tho and then these as the require some of the same issues solved.

F8 The Lightning is a SQ42 focused ship but there is also a Civilian Version.

That’s a good point as well we don’t have the F7A Military Hornet in game either, again it’s a SQ42 ship.


Polaris the only ship of 2016 we are still waiting on, it’s a Military Torpedo Combat Corvette with a small Hangar. 


Nova Tank this is also known as the Tonk but it’s a military ground main battle tank.

Pioneer the massive outpost building ship, that allows players to make use of land claims and various forms of resource wealth on planets or simply make their own bases.

Vulture Small Salvage Ship, I am expecting it in 2020 with the salvage mechanics as well… currently neither are on the Roadmap though.

X1 Series are luxury bikes from Origin


100 Series Origin Starter Ships

Apollo Medium Sized Medical Ship 

Mercury StarRunner The much wanted Data/Cargo Running Ship compared to the millennium falcon.

Hercules Starlifter Series, these are large ships meant to transport ground vehicles such as the Nova Tank and Cargo with a focus on planetary gameplay imo. The M2 is the more military version and the A2 is a mighty gunship bomber. The C2 was scheduled for 4.0 up until recently BUT has moved off and it looks like CIG may be focusing on these and some other Crusader Ships in 2020.

Kraken a capital sized Assault Carrier that can have ships landing on and in it as well as a load of dragonflies in bays specifically for that purpose, it’s effectively a mobile base, in 2019 they also revealed the Privateer Variant of the ship that takes a large portion of the cargo space and the dragonfly bays and replaces them with modular public shops.

SanTokYai the Medium Xi’An Fighter

Vulcan Drone based Repair, Refuel & Rearm Ship – That one really requires Drone Gameplay.


Corsair – Exploration Ship kind of in between a Connie and Carrack but it’s Drake so it’s no frills.

Nautilus – Large Minelayer / Sweeper – We can see something at least similar to it’s mines in the claim jumper missions in 3.8 currently. It’s also going to be able to repurpose mines it sweeps using it’s nemo drones.

Argo SRV – Tractor Beam Tow Truck

Ranger Series of compacted wheeled bikes, this is planned to be the smallest vehicle in game and should be able to be carried in a lot of ships.

Most recently we have had the Ares Ion & Inferno Heavy Fighter from Crusader and it’s a S7 Gun attached to a ship.

Vanduul Ships

The Glaive & Blade were shown to of received updates in the SQ42 teaser video also the showed off what I believe was the Vanduul Stinger (Heavy Fighter) and some of the Vanduul Capital Ship Stuff. The Vanduul ships have got different cockpits compared to their human counterparts so we don’t know when the PU will receive those updates yet.

There are Other Vanduul & SQ42 Capital Ships too

The UEE Capital ships, Bengal Mega Carrier, Redemption Dreadnaught & Pegsus Escort Carrier

For the Vanduul there is the Cleaver, Driller, Hunter, Harvester & Massive Kingship

And probably some other ones too.

We have also seen some more erratic ships from the SQ42 teaser thought to be Ship Jacker “Repaired” Ships where they have jury rigged parts of ships with parts from others.

There is the expectation for future Fighter, Medium, Cargo & Capital Ships for each of the other Alien Races so Xi’An, Tevarin, Banu & even Kr’Thakk as well as ground vehicles for them and the Vanduul too.